[SNS] Greetings from Arima Onsen 2017.06.12-13

After the exciting shows in Fukuoka and Osaka, Park Si Hoo has some days to re-energize for the last two shows in Tokyo. What is a better place to do so than an onsen (hot spring) of which we know he loves so much?!

It was still Monday June 12 when Jami and Dami wondered where their master was. In the woods…..but where?
Park Si Hoo

Park Si Hoo at Arima Hot Spring


And then when June 12 had already turned into June 13 Park Si Hoo left this photo wishing us a “Good night~
Park Si Hoo at Arima Onsen
Excellent place for a retreat Park Si Hoo! Sleep well, rest well and eat well!

Credit: instagram@park_si_hoo_01 & twitter@neko_jamidami, thank you!

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