Park Si Hoo Offered Lead Role KBS2 “My Golden Life”

Park Si Hoo

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Korean media is spreading the news that Park Si Hoo is considering the lead role in KBS2 upcoming weekend drama “My Golden Life”
(황금빛 내 인생). He has been offered the role of Choi Dae Kyung, son of the chairman of Haesung Group. He studied MBA in the USA to become head of group strategic planning department. The female lead role is offered to UEE and also still under consideration. Filming is scheduled to start in July and broadcasting in August.

The waiting is for the official confirmation from HOO Factory and/or KBS. It would be Park Si Hoo’s return to terrestrial drama broadcasting after
5 years since SBS’s “Cheongdam-dong Alice”.

Credit: Korean media, thank you!

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