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Last few weeks I couldn’t progress with the Dutch fanblog, because I tried to share as much news as possible here and on the Dutch platform with the Dutch Park Si Hoo Fanclub NL about Park Si Hoo’s drama festival. As the heat seems to have cooled down a bit, I want to continue with the Dutch fanblog from now on.

Logo Dutch fanblog

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Actually, I have worked on the lay-out and this is the new logo. At the homepage only there is also a banner in the header part and the background appears on all pages. Maybe I change my mind in due course, but for the time being I am satisfied about the changes.

Park Si Hoo’s drama festival taught me that if I want to have the Dutch fanblog up and running not too long from now, I should focus on there and limit myself here to news hot of the needle as much as possible.

So if you wonder where I might have gone, I’m most probably working on Park Si Hoo in Nederlands!

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New Logo Dutch Fanblog — 8 Comments

  1. Keep going, with the same dedication, Wilma! You do a great work!
    Yes, this new logo is better. I like it! And that cutting on home page, is like a window to Seoul. It’s very original.
    But may I have a little objection? Cropping the photo near the hair is not correct. Please review it. You know how much PSH cares about his hairstyle.^^

    • Well, I’m sorry Dana, but I only stuffed backgrond of the original photo and not part of PSH’s hair. This is what is left without any backing which is hiding the irregularity. That’s the disadvantage of this particular hairstyle. Tilted up it can show holes when tubed. Maybe you don’t like it, but I have no intention to look for another photo or put some color behind it to hide it.

  2. Wilma, forgive me! Please do not misunderstand me. I really love the selected PSH photo, which fits very well on the background photo. To blame is my critical spirit, which often affects my daughter too, when she shows me a new drawing of her. I tell her that it’s a constructive criticism.

    • You just showed me a mirror Dana. I tend to do so towards my daughter as well and I know she doesn’t like it and tends to withdraw. So I am training myself to hold my tongue after I have complimented with something and don’t follow up with “but”. Whether it is meant constructive or not, it is sometimes better to keep it with the compliment, because it may cause someone to share less and less with you.

      As for myself, I don’t think this tendency to criticize of mine, because of a tendency to perfectionism, is one of my best character traits. Mostly, I am my own greatest critic instead of enjoying the result. I wished I had realized this, when I was much younger!

  3. Wilma, you are doing an excellent job for PSH and his Dutch fans.

    Have always inspiration, dedication and health to complete your job.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for your good wishes Stefi! 🙂

      I try my best to make good use of my abilities for a good result in advantage of PSH!

  4. This is a most welcome news! Park Si Hoo, the real princess’s man is back!!!
    I look forward to his drama for KBS with overwhelming joy.

    • Thanks Gonchu! Yes, PSH will be back on small screen in Korea with “My Golden Life”. It has been a long wait, but it has been totally worth it! 😀