Mystery Solved?

It’s my guess the mystery is only solved partly! Remember these stuffed toys Park Si Hoo posted a little while ago?

Want a doll?

Yesterday Park Si Hoo posted this video on his Instagram.

뽑기의 달인 Hoo???

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These were the toys he won with this toys grabbing claw machine! Doesn’t it make you feel happy to see how much Park Si Hoo enjoyed winning the stuffed toys? He laughed, he clapped his hands….he was reliving his times as a kid! Well done Park Si Hoo!

It attracted my attention Park Si Hoo was wearing a black face mask apart from his habitual cap. No sun glasses, but a black face mask! His face is almost invisible. So in my opinion this video is just another piece of a puzzle which will be solved later. Maybe when the “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” is halting in Osaka? I’m almost sure Baek Si Yoon is having something in mind for his audience!

Credit: instagram@park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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Mystery Solved? — 2 Comments

  1. Besides his joy , while playing with the toy grabbing claw machine, which enjoys us too, wearing a black mask on his face like in “Local Hero” may be one of his tricks he likes to play with fans. Like in :”Trick or Treat.”
    Anyway he is preparing many surprises for his fans on his “Dramatic Thanksgiving Tour”.The moments of happiness for his fans will take them by surprise , by PSH. And the effect is that his fans will not only seize his surprises, but most important , his surpises will seize his fans.

    • I agree with you Stefi. The audiences will leave the festival taking many surprises and new fond memories with them!^^