Carefree Teacher & Dark Avenger

Kim Seung Yoo (Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival)

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

In “The Princess’ Man” Kim Seung Yoo started as a carefree teacher at court. He fell in love with the princess who was known as beautiful but arrogant. At least, he thought he did! Kim Seung Yoo didn’t know the real princess changed places with one of her nieces!

Then a feud between Kim Seung Yoo’s father and the father of the woman he loved ended up in a bloody drama in which he lost his father and older brother, his sister-in-law and little niece became slaves and he himself was captured and sentenced to death.

Kim Seung Yoo survived, but the carefree teacher became a dark avenger who wanted to revenge his family inexhaustible. Even the woman he loved before the disaster was a possible target!

Kim Seung Yoo’s Destiny wil be brought to life on stage in Fukuoka. Will you have to brace yourself for a sisling hot show? Watch your heart and blood pressure!

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Carefree Teacher & Dark Avenger — 3 Comments

  1. This is one drama which will always be etched in my memory. A drama worth watching again and again simply because of PSH’s role. When I first started to watch Korean dramas, I was merely hooked on the plot not so much on the actors and actresses.

    The Princess’ Man was the very first drama which made me realise that “Hey, this actor-PSH who played the role of Kim Seung Yoo is one heck of a good actor!” and from then on PSH captured my heart. He made me laugh when he laughed, smile when he smiled, hurt when he hurt, etc in that very drama.

    And, that’s how I ended up being one of his fans and every now and then pen my thoughts and views on this page. 🙂

    • Once caught by PSH through one of his dramas, it’s hard to let him go again! I think most of us can relate to this! 😀