Cancellation SGC Super LIVE Japan Confirmed

 Park Si Hoo Weibo 2017.03.11

Photo credit: Weibo Park Si Hoo, thanks

The organizer has offically confirmed the cancellation of the SGC Super LIVE Japan Event. They couldn’t come to an agreement with the performers. They apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Consequently, because of the cancellation Park Si Hoo’s appearance as MC on June 28 does not go on. That is a pity, because he was so looking forward to it. However, it allows him to take some rest now and consider his offer for a role in “My Golden Life”!

Credit: SGC Japan, thank you!

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Cancellation SGC Super LIVE Japan Confirmed — 7 Comments

  1. oh ! what a pity !!!! dear Wilma, now I return to Reunion Island (beautifull island but no good network kekeke). so I can’t read your whatapp messages. Looking your pictures remind me a lot of memories : it’s hard to ‘land’ after thatr great moment. I hope it will be your turn to go and meet him soon

    • You really can’t use WhatsApp when you’re back in Reunion Island Claudie? That’s a pity. Then I can’t send you spontaneous any pictures if I would like to. Well, we still have Instagram for when you have connection at your workplace! I am really lucky to have always access to the internet!

      Yes, it’s a pity PSH can’t test his MC abilities, but as many say now he can take some much needed rest instead! And we want to hear his new drama announcement soonest possible! He still didn’t confirm “My Golden Life”.

      I didn’t even share all photos! I lack the Tokyo update where you have been! However, I want to continue with the Dutch website now. I focused here and at the Dutch platform with the fan club, but most of the heat is gone now and everyone is still sharing on the social media. So there’s enough of PSH available to goggle at!

      I believe it’s hard to “land” since you have been there! I’m incredibly happy for you, you could experience this for at least once! 😀

      I’ve got the feeling I’m pulled to attend one of his events at least for one time! Hope I can handle with reality again afterwards! Neither Korea nor Japan is easy for me to go to. I simply live in the wrong continent and country! Well, you hear whenever I get there! 😀

      • Hi !So he will wait to see you, the day when he will come to Europe! I hope that his popularity will climb home and that we too will invite him for festivals!

        • Hmm, although I share your wish, I am realistic enough to know there is only a small chance this will ever happen Claudie! The fans in Korea, Japan and China are very blessed they can meet with PSH on their own grounds. Fans in other Asian countries are pleading him too to come to their country! However, the money is in Korea, Japan and China. PSH loves all of his fans, but he has to think like a businessman too!

  2. Although I’m upset that SGC Super Live Japan has been cancelled , and I suppose PSH is upset too, I try to think positively. Not now, better later!
    After such an exhausted tour in Japan with his Dramatic Festival and his great success, he needs now some good rest. Most of all he needs time for reflection and thinking of his new project . I’d like him to accept his nomination as a lead male role in “My Golden Life”, if this suits him and coincides with his expectations. Although his nomination comes from KBS, and this is fantastic for him, at his status now, he can’t afford to play any role if this doesn’t suit him, just to join K.entertainment. And I’ll wait and accept his decision.I pray for a good one.

    • Stefi, I remember to have read somewhere PSH wants to shine one more time in a role like this one offered in “My Golden Life” because of his age. So more or less I think he has already decided, but has his reasons to wait with the announcement. As he promised to come with an announcement soon, he has something in mind and whatever it is or with whom, I support his decision any time! 😀