[VDO] Promotion Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival in June

In the run-up to the “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” in June public relations is rolling to get as much awareness as possible. Park Si Hoo promoting his next activities in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo in a video is part of it! A second video has been released!

Credit: PARK SIHOO JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB@youtube.com, thank you!

Promo Galaxy Channel
Also, viewers of Galaxy Channel can submit a ticket to take part in a lottery of 5 x 2 tickets plus backstage pass for a photo with Park Si Hoo in the dressing room after the event! Viewers can submit their tickets with the city of their choice: Fukuoka (June 9), Osaka (June 11) or Tokyo
(June 15) between April 28 (Friday) and May 21 (Sunday).

Credit: ch-ginga, thank you!

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[VDO] Promotion Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival in June — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Thank you Wilma! I say it again but thank you because you summarize very well the news of PSH and for me I understand better what happens. For example I understood that he had made a video but I thought it was a TV broadcast). Thank you. You help me a lot to keep up with PSH. Will you come to Japan? For me … maybe I will be drawn in May otherwise I try to buy a ticket on June 1 (with your site I understood this). Otherwise, I have to go to Tokyo without seeing him! See you soon.
    ps : can you say me what are the favorite dishes of PSH please. Have a good week end

    • You’re welcome Claudie! 🙂

      Fingers crossed you will be in the May draw already! That would be a relief for you and then you can relaxed look forward to your Tokyo trip in June!

      No, I can’t come to Tokyo or any of the other cities. Besides,I think it is too early too to fly such a long distance after the operation I’ve had in Korea last September. I still feel response in my stomach area when I do too much, feel too stressed and don’t take my necessary rest. I’m pretty stubborn. So I cross the boundaries many times.

      If you want specific names, I think you can better ask Nance for it. She is much better informed with things like this. I see the pictures of other fans, but I forget pretty soon. I know meat, black sesam cake and seafood, but only in general not specific names. Sorry for this!