Ready to Buzz Again?

Promo Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Do you remember how we were buzzing in unison for Park Si Hoo’s Tokyo Concert in May and Odaiba Concert in October last year? We made a lot of noise in support of our favorite man!

This year Jami and Dami have already done a lot of meows to create awareness of their dad’s upcoming “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival”. So did the Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fan Club and TV Channels which are re-broadcasting amongst others “The Princess’ Man”.

We don’t have our “own” marketing campaign this year, but still we can buzz around the social media with the hashtag #parksihoo_drama_festival. has started a series focusing on the main characters of the featured dramas during the “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival”. Share these articles on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or other social media adding the hashtag #parksihoo_drama_festival.

Do you create MVs in support of the upcoming festival and share them on your social media? Then add the hashtag #parksihoo_drama_festival! Anything you can think of to join the buzz add the hashtag #parksihoo_drama_festival!

Let’s create an overwhelming buzz together!

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