New Challenge for Park Si Hoo

It was rumored for some time already, but now it has officially been confirmed.

Poster SGC Super Live in Japan 2017

Park Si Hoo will be one of the MCs on the “SGC Super Live in Japan 2017”. The co-MC will be Park Gyuri (former KARA member).

Park Si Hoo+Park Gyuri

This Korean Wave entertainment show will be held in Yokohama Arena on June 27 and 28, 2017. Park Si Hoo and Gyuri will host this event on
June 28. Performing artists will be BAP/TEENTOP/Apink and BLANC7. The concert is fused with a fashion show featuring “Real Clothes” for young ladies from teenagers to their thirties. The latest designs of Korean style fashion brand and street fashion brand will be highlighted at the same time.

Park Si Hoo has never been a MC before. So this is a new challenge for him to accomplish. I’m confident he will do a fine job as with everything he does! Who has more knowledge than he, when it comes to the fashion and entertainment world?

Go for it Park Si Hoo!

Credit: SGC, thank you!

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New Challenge for Park Si Hoo — 8 Comments

  1. I’m very happy that PSH has been found suitable as the MC of this event, as the saying:The right man , in the right place.” suits him very well. Not acting as an MC before, with his talent , he will make a good difference and from this event a success.
    “The persons born with talent, they are meant to use, will find their greatest happiness in using it.:[J. W. von Goethe]

    • So am I, Stefi! 😉 His only obstacle could be his shyness, but I think PSH has so much experienced on stage yet, he can overcome this with ease!

      Have a good weekend!^^

  2. Hello ! I agree with you: fashion and show! It is exactly him. He’s going to have fun. It’s also great that he has so busy, that one appeal to him from everywhere! But do you think he has the shooting of a drama planned?

    • About drama shooting I really don’t know Claudie! 🙁 I’m following a RSS about all new casting for Kdramas or movies, but nothing so far. On short term nothing has been planned. PSH asked us to have patience until everything is certain. Then he will come back with the news to us immediately!

      I have a strong feeling it is going to be a very busy Autumn!^^

  3. YES ! I hope too : for him and for us ! By the way, I tried a Korean dish this weekend (it was the Mother’s Day here in France); I do not remember the name but it was fish. I have a little successful, I liked it. When I’m in Tokyo, I would like to go to a South Korean restaurant: can you give me some example of dish that PSH likes please

    • Claudie, in Tokyo you will meet with Nance and other fans who are much more informed about what PSH likes or not. I really don’t keep up with that. I’m sorry!

  4. Hi Wilma! Wow, this page is certainly eye-catching. The other day you merely changed the watermark to a lighter shade. Now, I noticed that you have changed the header as well. It’s great!

    I am real surprised to read the above text about PSH co-hosting the event. It’s indeed a new venture for him. I am glad that PSH is branching out into other fields of entertainment. This will help him to gain more exposure and experience in the entertainment field.

    • Hi D Lee! Thank you! 🙂

      I agree with you exposure is important in the entertainment world!

      Have a nice Sunday! 😀