[MV] Park Si Hoo in HARU

Yesterday evening I was searching for material for the Dutch fanblog. Then I came across two songs from the OST of HARU. Park Si Hoo was playing a man who was leading a double life. On the one hand, a nice restaurant owner in love with a beautiful woman. On the other hand, a cool-blooded assassin. Not knowing his lover led a double life as well…..

#1 “Haru” by Shinee

Credit: yin lin@youtube.com, thank you!

#2 “Angel” by Super Junior

Credit: įžŊėš°ė•„@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Park Si Hoo in HARU — 3 Comments

  1. hi ! how are you today ? please axplain me a little what is the paly for psh and dolls ? We must write him a poem or a text to tell him our love : is that?
    Or we must tell him what song, already existing, we should ask him to sing?
    Or is there both games?
    I did not quite understand.
    In addition, you will laugh at me, I have already written my poem lol!

    • Hi Claudie. I’m fine today thank you! 🙂

      About the two requests spread by Jami and Dami regarding the Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival Tour. They are games for the fans who attend the shows.

      The show in Fukuoka is centered around Kim Seung Yoo and his desitiny (The Princess’ Man). You can write your “love letter” to Kim Seung Yoo (Park Si Hoo) to express your love for him. The three best letters chosen will be read in front of Kim Seung Yoo eye to eye on stage during the show.

      There were no limitations, so anyone could submit their love letters to the e-mail address mentioned of the JOFC. I guess they already have received many “love letters” and therefore, for the most desired song sung by Park Si Hoo you need to apply with your membership number and which show you are attending.
      I don’t know how many song requests can be submitted by the JOFC members. You should ask Nance for more detailed information on this.

      I don’t know when Park Si Hoo will come up with the three pluches. As you will experience in Tokyo, Park Si Hoo loves to play games with his fans and always comes up with some kind of rewards!

      As everyone encouraged you to mail your “love letter” I surely will do so. They will reach PSH one way or another and he is known for reading them all! I don’t laugh at you Claudie! Your poem must have come straight from the heart! 😀

      • great thanks !Sometimes his fans find that it does not give enough of his news! Me … I can not keep up with the few little news he gives lol
        That is clear; You have an easy way of summarizing things and making them clear; Thank you
        I have written a poem with a smile. But at the same time I was glad to tell him things. I think he’ll all read them yes. I am sure