[MV] Park Si Hoo… and The Little Prince

Tonight I am sharing something magical and relaxing. It also connects with the last birthday theme of Park Si Hoo’s birthday. The Flower Prince of Flower Country. Last but not least, I sense a longing for our pilot of “After Love” who still has not landed! All of this showcased in a beautiful MV with an imaginative story and soothing music by Richard Clayderman: Ballade pour Adeline. This is our ballad for our prince Park Si Hoo and his little prince! Thank you Dana! 

Credit: danna1011@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Park Si Hoo… and The Little Prince — 13 Comments

  1. WOW, dear Wilma! What an extraordinary surprise! You filled my soul with emotion and I feel honored because you posted my MV. Thank you very much! I will do my best to put my imagination at work for Park Si Hoo. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • You’re welcome Dana! πŸ™‚

      Your MVs concerning PSH most of the time speak to my heart and soul. Then it is a joy to post them for others to enjoy them as well! β™₯

      Enjoy your weekend Dana! πŸ˜€

  2. Yes Wilma, a very ingenious, crafty, artful idea that Dana has invested in her magnificent MV “Park Si Hoo .. and the Little Prince”. And she compares the little prince with PSH, The Flower Prince, with his devoted love for his flower, his rose, that he offered to his fans at his BP, which also reflects his sense of responsability for his career. His rose representing his career. “My flower has always been beside me”, is written on her MV, or in other words:”My career has been always beside me, even in the moments of deep distress.” But he has remained as strong , as determined, as courageous like a successful pilot , whose nine-tenths confidence and one-tenth common sense equals successful aviator . And PSH, in Dana’s MV , is a successful aviator in his flight to his success in his career.
    Last, but not least, Dana’s MV has impressed me to tears, as always, while watching and listening to the magnificent R. Clayderman’s interpretation of “Ballade pour Adeline”, composed by Paul de Senneville as a tribute to his new born daughter, Adeline.
    Dana is the best of the best in creating marvelous MVs dedicated to PSH. Congratulations Dana!

    • You are always very eloquent expressing yourself with words Stefi! They are a good addition to Dana’s MV. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Wilma. Some of us are expressing our admiration for PSH with words, some with wonderful images, like Dana.

  4. Thank you Dana for creating such a lovely MV. The beautiful ballad and our prince, PSH go together very well. And, thank you Wilma for posting it here for us to enjoy Dana’s MV.

  5. beautifull ! I like so much ‘the little Prince”. i like that philosphy of live. over all about relationship. Thanks for that video. Beautifull. (and Clederman is french : i proud of him and me) In fact you gathered 3 “people” I like : PSH, the little Prince and Cledreman !!!!! thanks

    • It’s okay, Claudie! I know who you meant! In fact, I like Richard Clayderman so much I bought a LP a long time ago. I should play it again now I can!