Hard Working Cats Jami & Dami

Whenever their loving dad is busy with work, Jami & Dami keep in touch with his faithful fans!

Jami & Dami

Photo credit: twitter@neko_jamidami, thank you!

Since last week Jami & Dami are meowing a lot! They surely miss their dad as much as we miss our loving man, when he is preparing day after day for the upcoming Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival in June.

One of their meows was that it is allowed (mobiles, ipad or tablet only) to take pictures of Kim Seung Yoo, Baek Si Yoon, Seo In Woo and
Cha Seung Jo during the shows! This is a very much appreciated meow!

Kim Seung Yoo (Park Si Hoo)

Photo credit: as on photo, thank you!

Next meow was that they thought it would be good to soften the sleepless nights of Kim Seung Yoo by sending him a “Love Letter”. He will be much comforted reading about how much he is loved! E-mail your love letter to parksihoo.jp@gmail.com with subject line “Love Letter” by May 29. When yours is one of the three selected winners, you will be rewarded by reading your love letter eye to eye in front of Kim Seung Yoo on stage!

Park Si Hoo Odaiba

Photo credit: as on photo, thank you!

They are not finished meowing yet! Which song would you like Park Si Hoo to sing during the show? This one can only be submitted citing your JOFC membership number and the show you are going to attend. Two people will be picked from each performance. They will have the privilege to go backstage to meet Park Si Hoo and get to photograph him twice! Such an exciting look-out!

Not a ticket yet? Park Si Hoo Mobile members and ENISHI readers can apply for one until Saturday May 20 (23:59h).

Buy your ticket here

Jami & Dami are resting now from their hard work and will return as soon as new news come up!

Credit: parksihoossi.com, thank you!

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Hard Working Cats Jami & Dami — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you again for these explanations. it is clearer. Nance also reiterated it very clearly. I think I do not yet master the language of cats kekeke

    Thanks for your help

    • You’re welcome Claudie! 🙂

      Once you’ll be longer around in the PSH sisterhood, you’ll get used to their type of language. Also with a different mother tongue, the English way of speaking may not sound familiar to your own language.

      There are a lot of Dutch sayings I need a roundabout way of translating to have them understood and sometimes it just can’t be translated in any language!

  2. I like the original way Park Si Hoo is communicating with his fans.

    Jami and Dami are his messengers , and they are the cutiest kitties, happy to deliver their master’s messages. And all their master’s messages are wondeful for his fans, who will attend his performances in Japan.
    I am waiting these events with the greatest expectations of great success.