Gift from Park Si Hoo!^^

Although Park Si Hoo must be busy preparing for the upcoming “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival”, he had time to leave us a gift through his Instagram!  

IG Park Si Hoo

Do you want a doll? Which one?
Pikachu is my favorite, but they look all cute! 

Maybe these dolls are a hint? Will they be part of Cha Seung Jo’s performance? They are as cute as the rabbits Han Se Kyung gave to
Cha Seung Jo to express his feelings!

Want a doll?
Credit: park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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Gift from Park Si Hoo!^^ — 2 Comments

  1. That’s very nice of him to offer us a doll.
    There are two kinds of people. Those who love dolls and those who don’t yet know they love dolls. But “A doll’s ability to uplift the human spirit is immeasurable.”[Gayle Wray]. As I think he knows this, his gift is very welcomed.
    I’d like a doll from him.

    • So do I Stefi. I think all of us would like to have a doll from him and keep it as a treasure! 🙂