Dramas Park Si Hoo Broadcasted in Japan

This month of May several dramas of Park Si Hoo are being broadcasted in Japan.

  • BS11 started broadcasting “Neighborhood Hero” on April 2 and still continues. Weekly on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00h to 9:00h in the morning.
"Neighborhood Hero"


  • TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (terrestrial broadcaster) started to broadcast “The Princess’ Man” from April 10 and still ongoing. Every Monday through Friday from 8:00h to 9:00h in the morning.
"The Princess' Man"


  • Galaxy Channel started to broadcast “The Princess’ Man” on April 28 at Friday midnight 2:00. Each Friday and Saturday 4 consecutive episodes.
"The Princess' Man"


Time Schedule "The Princess' Man"

  • LALATV started broadcasting “Cheongdam-dong Alice” on April 27 and still ongoing. Weekly on Thursday and Friday at 21:30h in the evening. Weekly repeat on Sunday at 23:45h in the evening.
"Cheongdam-dong Alice"


  • Japan Tele Plus will start to broadcast “How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” (Japanese title: How To Meet Perfect Lovers) on May 22. Every Monday to Friday from 17:30h in the evening to 2 consecutive episodes.
"How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor"


Credit: Sihoorang@kei88, thank you!

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Dramas Park Si Hoo Broadcasted in Japan — 2 Comments

  1. I’m very happy that more than in his country, his dramas are watched and broadcasted in Japan for his fans to enjoy.
    And happily , “The Month of PSH’s Dramas in Japan” coincides with his “Dramatic Festival” there.
    “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”[Plautus]

    • Yes, I’m sure this continuously broadcasting of PSH’s dramas has been the reason to go for the “Dramatic Festival Tour” after full cancellation of the previous “Dramatic Valentine” as planned in February, Stefi. It is serving his fans to the fullest and offering them an extra opportunity to enjoy his dramatic characters in person outside the small screen! A very smart move. Cheers! 😀