Countdown “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” Park Si Hoo

The start of the “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” tour is coming closer every day now. Only 11 days till Kim Seung Yoo kicks off with his Destiny in Fukuoka on Friday June 9! The tour attracts attention of the media too!

Park Si Hoo writing

Photo: ©MENTOR Co., Ltd

So is Park Si Hoo writing the various scripts following the completed and submitted surveys with the expressed wishes! This must keep him really busy. What kind of programs will he compose for us to enjoy and love him even more?

Park Si Hoo in action

Photo: ©MENTOR Co., Ltd

Not only Park Si Hoo’s mind is hard working, but also his body! Ah, don’t we love his martial art skills? Kim Seung Yoo showed us a lot in
“The Princess’ Man” as well as Baek Si Yoon in “Neighborhood Hero”. Will villains be invited to spar with them on stage? Sure everyone is curious about what our man is brewing for his princesses! The tour consists of
5 performances and each performance will show a different program!

Park Si Hoo is working hard to prepare for shows which will please all of his fans! He is looking forward to everyone who will take the chance to see the main character in the various dramas in front of them! You won’t be disappointed!

Credit: Korepo, thank you!

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