Wave of Media Attention for Park Si Hoo!

Lately, Korean Media is paying a lot more attention – in a positive way – to Park Si Hoo. Remember his publishing of ENISHI for 5th season in Japan, his postings on social media and more recently his birthday event and the rice donations!

Park Si Hoo (Dramatic Promotion)

The latest news report is of April 26 about Park Si Hoo’s upcoming Drama Festival (Dramatic Promotion) in Japan on June, 9 (Fukuoka),
11 (Osaka) and 15 (Tokyo).

This Dramatic Promotion is a gesture of gratitude from Park Si Hoo for his Japanese fans for their unwavering support. Also, it is meeting with the fans’ high requests to meet with their hero in “Unnamed Hero” (Neighborhood Hero).

Apart from “Unnamed Hero“, the dramas “The Princess’ Man“, “Cheongdam-dong Alice“, “How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” and “Prosecutor Princess” are flooding throughout Japan with the
re-broadcastings through various broadcasting channels. The dramatic wave Hallyu Hero Park Si Hoo is causing all over Japan is quite unusual and proves once again his popularity.

According to a spokesman of “Hoo Factory” Park Si Hoo is preparing for a meeting with fans with gratitude. It will be a special stage where
Park Si Hoo can communicate with his fans. Already existing and new fans will have a chance to meet with another attraction and impression of the actor Park Si Hoo outside the drama.

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Credit: Naver@HeraldPOP, thank you!

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Wave of Media Attention for Park Si Hoo! — 15 Comments

  1. I’m happy that K.media is paying a lot more attention to PSH’s recent wonderful events in his life and career. His victories have been created by him day in and day out.
    And once he has experienced excellence, he will never be content with mediocrity. And that’s what K.media have fianlly discovered at PSH.
    “Attitude is a little thing that makes difference”[W. Curchill]
    But I’ll say that his attitude to his career is a big thing that makes the difference. And K.media have finally understood that for PSH :”Action is the fundamental key to success.”P.Picasso]
    And also his fans who believe in him, we’ll permanently support him.

    • I absolutely agree with you Stefi! It will be only a matter of time before PSH is back on top in Korea as well! His accomplishments in Japan and China and the ever-present support of his fans can’t be ignored for much longer. This heightened media attention feels like preparing the way back as smooth as possible!^^

  2. On your site all events are summary and useful links. Thank you ! It’s very well done

    • Thank you Claudie! ๐Ÿ™‚ I always try to use my own words and keep it to the point. Everyone has his own way of supporting PSH! Glad it satisfies your needs!

  3. Glad to know about this recent piece of news, Wilma. How is your website about PSH in Dutch coming along?

    • Hello D Lee. Nice to have you visiting here again! How are you doing?

      The Dutch website is coming along slowly. When I thought I had all fixed pages as I wanted them to be, I came to the conclusion I was missing a lot. However, every little progress I’m making I feel happy!. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are free to take a look which pages I have added. The tabs “Synopsis” with its subpages, “Overig” which its subpages and “Contact” I have added recently. Although you won’t understand the Dutch, I am curious to know how you feel about the setup until now!?^^


  4. You have done a wonderful job, Wilma. I like the banner and the layout of your web pages. To be honest, your Dutch website is so much better than this English one. The blue and white colour combination is simple great. I may not understand Dutch but the background, the lettering and the layout are very good.

    It’s easy to read anything that is printed on your Dutch web pages because of the clear and simple layout. A marvellous job indeed!

    I prefer your Dutch website simply because of the nice layout, colours used and clear lettering.

    • Thanks for your honest feedback D Lee. I appreciate that very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

      One of my objectives was that the Dutch and English website should be different from each other in their appearance and set up. They already look different, because they have different WP themes. I like them both.

      Regarding this English website I will keep your remarks in mind once I’m going to tweak this one. The theme used here allows me to do more, but is also a lot more difficult to handle. So I need to take my time to figure out the changes I want to make once I am ready for it!

  5. I agree with you regarding the Dutch and English websites being different from each other.

    You have put in a lot of effort setting up this English blog. As one of PSH’s fans who log onto your blog every now and then, I truly appreciate the dedication, hard work and time which you have invested to enable all of us to keep in touch with news about PSH.

    I am happy that I have a chance to read news about PSH and to share views with you and other fans. The reason why I find this English one less attractive than your Dutch website is basically the background and designs.

    For instance this page itself, the whirlpool design is a bit strong. It catches my eyes first before my eyes can really absorb news about PSH. I am merely giving you my views but you don’t really have to make changes unless you genuinely have the time to spare and want to give this English website a facelift. :-).

    • I understand what you mean D Lee. In fact, I myself consider the background image too strong as well. Also I didn’t think of something I used to so often with my Clubs’ designs. Actually, as a good designer I should take care the background doesn’t attract all attention at first sight. A lesson once taught by my deceased dance teacher: “Even though you are an amateur, I expect you to perform the best you can!”

      Some items I won’t change, but the background and header need a new design. Some colour settings I will change as well. I want a softer look. It is up to me to accomplish this.

      So when time is right for me, I will give this website lay-out a make-over! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Your views only confirmed my own feelings D Lee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I honestly take my hat off to you, Wilma. Setting up a webpage/website is not an easy job. Even though I am not computer savvy, I do know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to put so many elements to link news from various places just to enable us to know about PSH and his projects.

    Thumbs-up for the wonderful job that you’ve done to enable us to gather PSH news and to share views. I don’t know how to put the thumbs-up sign, so I shall put three T-up, T-up, T-up instead.

    • Thanks for your thumbs up D Lee! I don’t know either what I need to do to get it visible here! ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Ha.ha..you finally hit the nail on the head, Wilma. Softer look is what I wanted to say but I just couldn’t think of the appropriate phrase to use regarding this IT stuff.

    I am real glad that my views confirmed your feelings. I was a bit hesitant to voice my views at first but the glaring whirlpool designs sort of cloud my eyes and when you asked for input regarding your Dutch website, I realised then that you welcome a second opinion.

    I noticed that you have lightened the colour of this page. Ironically, it’s better than the original colour because this column stands out.

    • Thanks D Lee! ๐Ÿ˜€ It means I’ve reached my goal.

      In future I should take care the background isn’t going to play the lead again! I like to make designs, but I’m just not a pro! However, I’m happy I am able to manage the process from A to B myself.

      Maybe, maybe, some day I will pick up the HTML stuff again too and really coding a whole new theme and upload it on the WP platform! Haha, however old I will be, I’ll always be up for new challenges and making improvements! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Learning is a lifelong process. As it is, you’ve managed to make this column stands out. That itself is an achievement. Good for you!