[VDO] Promotion ENISHI 5.2 Release 2017.04.30

Today Hanryutop has uploaded a video in which Park Si Hoo makes an announcement about the release of ENISHI 5.2 coming April 30. This volume will bring a Spring mood and more surprises!

Credit: hanryutop@youtube.com, thank you!

The design of this video is built on the Birthday Flower Prince in Flower Country theme and I love it! The book with previous ENISHI covers adds to the fairy tale mood. Ah, did you enjoy our Flower Prince with his special birthday cake as much as I did? Best video promotion I have seen thus far!^^

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[VDO] Promotion ENISHI 5.2 Release 2017.04.30 — 2 Comments

  1. Yes Wilma, I do also like his promotion of his new edition of ‘ENISHI 2017″, VOL2 . As this will be released at the end of April, very near his Birthday, his image with his birthday cake as well as his gorgeous green outfit,he wore at his BP, enchants all his fans.
    I hope many of them will buy this edition, showing their appreciation for his work and also their support .

    • I hope so too Stefi. However, we both know it is a lot more difficult to buy one or take a subscription from outside Japan. After first volume of 2016, Amazon Japan is out of sight too. We should be careful to say that if you want to, there is always a way. It depends on so many factors!

      Have a nice weekend! 🙂