Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 #3

The Joy of Spreading Love for Park Si Hoo

The Park Si Hoo Birthday Event has been thrilling for everyone: the attendees, Park Si Hoo himself and the admirers who couldn’t be there in person like me.

A great gift and reward for Park Si Hoo must have been the reports from
K-STAR both written and captured in videos. It shows the renewed appreciation for their global Hallyu Star Park Si Hoo!

In the first video from April 5, it is mentioned how Park Si Hoo caused a craze again in Japan with the broadcasting of “Neighborhood Hero” called “Nameless Hero” overthere. Also that about 300 people attended the birthday party coming from Korea, Japan, China and other countries.
Park Si Hoo said he was dressed differently from usual in keeping with the theme of the Flower Prince of Flower Country and it felt strange. Presenting the pink rose in person was part of the theme too. Park Si Hoo also said something that could be a hint for his next drama. “It has been long since I played in a historical drama and it would be nice to do so again.”

The second video from April 7 starts with a chat between the presenters Lee Jung Bin and Isabin. Wondering how Park Si Hoo would have celebrated his actual birthday. His mom had boiled seaweed soup for him and he partied with his friends. But why the talk about his birthday? He had celebrated it not long ago!
They looked back at the birthday event once again where Park Si Hoo as the Flower Prince received all the princesses in his Flower Country and presented them a flower through a re-watch a part of the previous video.
Best of all, the video ended with the statement that they will support
Park Si Hoo who has been loved by Asia all the more!

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Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 #3 — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma, I don’t know if another K. actor , like PSH, has been offered so much attention, love, addmiration , praise on his birthday.
    The great number of fans from many countries , who attended his BP in Buyeo, the K. media ,that has created two videos dedicated to his BP, these can be taken as :”The Joy of Spreading Love for PSH”.
    Some years ago, when he was confronted with a dark side of his life,I was sure that the day will come when everyone in K. entertainment would praise him again. And this day has already come.

    • As far as I know, no other Korean actor celebrates his birthday as big and as close to his fans as PSH does, Stefi. 🙂 In this respect it is only natural that finally PSH gets this much attention for his efforts in celebrating his birthday together with his fans.

      Yes, we all were confident because of our belief in PSH and his many qualities as person and as entertainer pur sang. His continued success in Japan and China as well, Korean entertainment could not close their eyes for eternity. Also, they always strive for the best with everything. PSH is the best of the best. He is their Top Hallyu Star! 😀