Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 #4

The news reports keep coming. Today a report on Naver regarding the birthday celebration on April 2!

Park Si Hoo Birthday 2017

Credit: Park Si Hoo Instagram, thank you!

The picture which Park Si Hoo had released after the birthday party at his Instagram with the message: “Thank you for birthday congratulations! I love you!” attracted attention.

Enjoying the birthday party in his hometown in Buyeo with 300 guests of which many from Japan, his pink costume and consistent smile were mentioned in the report.

The positive comments of fans after the birthday party were highlighted as well. “Sihoo, I will always remember the time spent together on my first birthday event”, “I was happy I could wear the beautiful hanbok”, “The green jacket looks good on you. I love you” were some of them.

It feels so good the Korean media report about Park Si Hoo in such a positive tone again!

Credit: Naver entertainment, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017 #4 — 2 Comments

  1. PSH birthday celebration has been mentioned and praised in
    That means that his BP has created waves in K. entertainment, as it has created a significant impression on all of them. And that was worthy being mentioned in the press.
    PSH’s thankful message addressed to his fans , who came from many countries to celebrate his birthday, will encourage them to come again at any of his events.
    In June there is another event in Japon, and for sure his fans will be present in a great number.

    • I agree with you Stefi. Many fans had already bought a ticket for the initial event in February. Well, we can expect Korean media to jump on it again. This way it is only a matter of time until PSH will get invitations for public events in Korea again apart from offers for new dramas and/or movies participation! 🙂