Oops….Belated 3rd Anniversary! 2017.03.22 (UPDATED)

card 3rd anniversary

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Maybe because I was pretty busy last few weeks, but I totally forgot this website’s 3rd anniversary on March 22!  Not because I don’t care for Park Si Hoo anymore, oh no! I had started to work on a few other things for here too, but didn’t come to finish it either. 

Only by coincidence I realized I forgot about the 3rd anniversary. Or maybe Universe decided I finally needed to be reminded I was lacking in something! 

Anyway, I am not tired of Park Si Hoo and I intend to run this website for and about him much, much longer! So a Belated Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Dana surprised me with a beautiful designed congratulatory cartoon! I can’t but share this with all of you! Thank you for your creative congratulations card Dana! Much appreciated!

PSH congratulations card

Credit: Dana, thank you!

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Oops….Belated 3rd Anniversary! 2017.03.22 (UPDATED) — 4 Comments

  1. What happens in the world of Park Si Hoo on March 22, 2014, when Wilma decided to create a blog dedicated to actor Park Si Hoo:
    “PSH’s “Cheongdam-dong Alice” will start broadcasting in China again – from today (March 22) – at Jiangsu Television. (http://parksihoo4u.com/2014/03/22/cdda-starts-broadcasting-in-china-again/)”
    Congratulations Wilma for the three years of passionate and difficult work at the same time, dedicated to our favorite actor Park Si Hoo!
    You have a e-mail!

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful surprise Dana! I really love your cartoon. It’s like Park Si Hoo is talking straight to me! You have put so much love and effort in the design. And then the link to the re-broadcasting of Cheongdam-dong Alice on the same date in 2014! Thank you once again! 😀

  2. I join Dana in my congratulations for 3 years of hard , but wonderful work, dedicated to Park Si Hoo, Wilma.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your new website for Dutch fans, dedicate to him, which is indeed an enormuous effort. But PSH deserves this, when someone like you knows what a wonderful actor he is .Keep going and good luck!
    I congratulate Dana too, for reminding us of this date, with her wonderful and inspired cartoon.!

    • Thank you for your congratulations Stefi! 🙂
      It’s a honor to do all this for Park Si Hoo. As you mentioned: He deserves it!^^