Happy Easter! 2017.04.16-17

Happy Easter 2017

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Depending on one’s religion, Easter can be celebrated in different ways. In The Netherlands we have many different religious movements. The Catholics will celebrate Easter differently from the Protestants. The Protestants don’t know White Thursday during Easter Week for example.

Easter is a commonly celebrated feast by everyone though. Our shops are filled with Easter candies weeks before Easter. Families gather together for enjoying Easter brunch at home or at a restaurant. On Easter Monday the shops of residential boulevards are open for the public. Sports clubs organize a special Easter day with hidden eggs and an Easter tournament for their members.

No matter how Easter is celebrated, it is a time of joy and happiness!

Happy Easter Everyone! 

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Happy Easter! 2017.04.16-17 — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Wilma for sharing how Easter is celebrated in your country.

    You are right, no matter how Easter is celebrated by different religions, it is a time of joy and happiness.


  2. Thank you for telling us how Easter happens at home. In Reunion Island, apart from the fact that most often there are meals in family, the meal itself is not defined. We eat as usual. Apart from that it is obviously important, essential lol, to have chocolate for dessert. I’m chocoholic a little bit myself kekeke. Thank you for sharing the dish you made that day !!! So you enjoyed it?
    I went to the site of maangchi: what do you propose to try first. Preferably not too hard, not too long to do and if possible that PSH likes please. About the cafe daum website, i was able to create an account but … i did not find where to read in english.

    • Thanks for telling about your Easter tradition too Claudie! Yes, I liked the meal.

      PSH likes meat a lot. So try a bulgogi dish Claudie. Or bibimbap that’s with sliced beef, vegetables, egg and rice.

      Tomorrow I have voluntary work Claudie. The weekend I’ll look if I still have screen shots for explanation or make new ones. Then I’ll will send you over the mail. Maybe that will help then!