Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo 2017.04.03

Park Si Hoo Birthday Greeting

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Today Park Si Hoo is celebrating his 39th birthday! Most probably, he stayed in Buyeo with his family after the birthday event with his fans yesterday. Would his mom have served him seaweed soup at the start of his birthday?

Seaweed soup

Photo credit: Maangchi, thank you!

It is a tradition in Korea to eat seaweed soup (miyeokguk -> 미역국) to celebrate one’s birthday. It is made of edible seaweed. Miyeok is rich in iodine and calcium and many people eat it to lower their cholesterol. Although a birthday dish, it can be eaten anytime you like. The health
benefits are believed to be infinite. Also, eating miyeokguk brings years of happiness! Isn’t this something we all wish for our Birthday Boy? 

Pink Flowers

Photo credit: as on photo, thank you!

Park Si Hoo Happy Birthday and many, many more to come!

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