Top10 Asian Male God: Round 8 – Shift 3 – 20170319

Round 8 ~ Shift 3 ~ 3/18-25 ~ 23:00h

Top10 Asian Male God Park Si Hoo

Editing: Wilma (Peris)

It look likes I need help of a miracle to be able to vote, but at least Nanshen’s server granted me access once to make a screen shot and leave my vote! When I wanted to vote again after 30 minutes, the 520 error page appeared again!

Anyway, Park Si Hoo has entered the 3rd shift of Round 8. We need to give him our full support this week, for only 10 out of the last 12 remaining canditates will go to the “Battle of Glory” next week! And, of course, we all want Park Si Hoo to Battle for the Glory!

Whenever the server of Nanshen allows me, I will leave my vote! So will you, won’t you?

Park Si Hoo, Fighting!

Credit:, thank you!

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Top10 Asian Male God: Round 8 – Shift 3 – 20170319 — 14 Comments

  1. This week is decisive to keep PSH among the Top 10 Asian Male God.
    As Wilma says , we must cast as many votes as possible for him to stay among the 10 competitors at the end of the week.
    Last week his fans were gorgeous bringing him even to the first place.
    Let’s do it this week again!
    Good luck!

  2. Yesterday I got access one time and was also able to vote for one time. After trying a few times this start of a new day I got access again and could cast my vote! At the moment PSH is ranked #8, but #9 is close behind him. Thanks for voting!

  3. Appeal to all PSH’s fans! We need more votes for him as he is ranked #11. Dagerous because #11 and 12 will be expelled from competition.I think none of you can accept this.

  4. I don’t want to see that, but now he is # 12, the last participant.
    If we don’t help him , he will be no more among he Top 10 Asian Male God.
    Please vote every minute.

    • Stefi, yesterday I was only able to vote once. A few hours ago PSH was still ranked #12, but he rose to #9 again!

      Everyone, it is imperative that we keep voting as many times as we can! I depend on the accessibility of the Nanshen site, but if I get access my vote is considered!

  5. Yesterday I voted 3 hours, with breaks for my eyes, and last night when I left the site he was ranked # 9. Not too good, but not too bad.
    Now I come back to the site and I’m happy I can vote continuously, as long as my eyes allow me.
    Please all of you make an effort these 4 days, to keep him amomg the Top 10 Asian Male God. Next week will be easier, just to place him on a better place.

  6. Today PSH is ranked #11, which is very dissapointing and dangerous.
    If we can’t move him from this palce, at the end of this week he is expelled from the competition.
    Please Vote, Vote, Vote!

    • It’s going up and down Stefi. When I voted for the first time I saw PSH ended up in the danger zone again. The Nanshen site is busy with voters, because then I don’t get access most of the time. Whoever can get through, cast your votes patiently! Every fan is fighting for their idol now. No one want to be theirs expelled from the list coming Saturday! Neither do we!

  7. The error page is on for me again and within an hour I can’t try and vote for the rest of the day until late in the afternoon, but I managed to vote once about 45 minutes ago at the start of this Friday and then PSH was ranked #5! That’s great! Keep up with the good work everyone!

  8. Finally after a fierce fight for this round, PSH has his place among the Top10 Asian Male God, even if it’s ranking # 8.
    The last round is to help him get a frontal place. He deserves our effort, having in mind his Birthday at the end of this week.
    A gift from his fans.
    Please vote him as a token of our love and admiration for him.

    • Thanks for sharing the news here Stefi! I’ve tried all day long, but I only saw the 520 error page in front of me. Will be out this evening. So try again tomorrow and update with a new post! As far as the Nanshen site allows me to be able to!

      So happy PSH is in the Top 10! Thanks everyone for voting and continue to vote! Thanks! 😀

  9. Unfortunately, the 520 error continues to appear on my monitor! I won’t give up. Please, catch your vote this final week. Now “The Battle of Glory” is on!

  10. Now as PSH is among the Top 10, we can’t remain impassible, because , as Wilm says, this is “The Battle of Glory”.But at this hour, after half an hour of voting continuously, he has fallen on the 10th place.
    Few people cast their votes for him, in comparison with the others.
    PSH needs many votes to take an honorable place , as he deserves.
    Please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE .At the end of the week, on his Birthday, our support for him on this voting site should be our birthday present.