Top 10 Asian Male God 2017 ~ Round 8 ~ Shift 2

Top 10 Asian Male God

Park Si Hoo passed through to the 2nd Shift of Round 8 which will end on March 18, 23:00h local time! Our favorite man started in 8th position, but rankings are changing in an eye-wink because of the many voters. So let’s do our share too and help Park Si Hoo to 3rd Shift at the end of this one! The candidates on 13 and 14 will leave then.

Park Si Hoo Fighting!

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Top 10 Asian Male God 2017 ~ Round 8 ~ Shift 2 — 21 Comments

  1. Need help! On this round PSH has fallen on the 13th place, one of the two places that will be expelled at the end of the week. PSH too, if we don’t cast more votes for him. After one hour of voting continuously, I couldn’t bring him to a better place, as the other competitors get many votes at a time from their supporters. PSH fewer votes.
    Please vote PSH to bring him on a better place, to continue the competition on the next round.

    • Sunday is a busy family day for most PSH fans, Stefi. From last week I can say that in the course of this new voting week PSH will go from danger to safe zone again. Just cast your votes, I do as well and I’m confident every other fan who has the opportunity will do so as well! Patience is the most needed virtue at moments like this!

  2. Since yesterday afternoon, Sunday, I have not been able to cast votes for PSH. I tried again, using both links, but with the same result: vote failed to cast. I can see others are voting for PSH, so please continue. He is still in the danger zone ranked #13. Maybe the server is just too busy all the time to get through. I’ll try again later!

  3. Dear Wilma, my vote is no longer considered for two days. I hope that you and other fans to be able to vote still for PSH. I will try again.

    • Dear Dana, hope they will consider your vote again too. It’s sad we both can’t come through now.

  4. It looks like fans from outside China can’t vote anymore. πŸ™
    I’ve seen messages from Japan, Korea and Europe that their votes are denied. I still can’t vote and PSH is ranked last now. So sad.

  5. Fortunately yesterday I could cast my votes for PSH, for almost three hours, but disspointed that he fell on the last place. I hope from now on his fans we’ll cast their votes in a greater number, otherwise at the end of this week he will be cast away from the competition. And he doesn’t deserve this.
    I’ll spend more time to vote him today too. Hope many of his fans will join me to help him go on a better place.

    • I appreciate you continue to cast your votes for PSH, Stefi! I tried again, but I continue to see the denial message after the CAPTCHA. I am not the only one, more fans can’t cast their vote. It is in PSH’s disadvantage not all his fans can cast their votes for him!

      • Also today my vote is denied after the CAPTCHA. However, I’m happy and grateful that others, who can get their vote through, have voted PSH to 12th position. Thank you and keep voting, please!

  6. From agony to ecstasy! Wilma, you expect it? PSH is on the second place at this moment!
    My vote is not yet considered.

    • This is wonderful news Dana! I can’t go and see for myself, because the website gives an error. I think it is overheated right now! Thanks for sharing the good news here! πŸ™‚

  7. Last night, at 7:oo PM, when I quitted the site,after 3 hours of voting him, I was very happy. I realized that he has many fans who support him , who can help him reach the highest place, 2 nd place, from the last one.
    Let’s keep voting these following days too, to prove that he deserves to be ,why not the first,among the Top 10 Asian Male God.

  8. Really happy with the news PSH is still in 2nd position. Thanks a lot to all who continue to vote for him! I still got a 520 error page when I try to connect with the voting site. I emptied the browser cache, but without result. I simply can’t connect, because something is wrong with the final step of connecting me with the website. Nevertheless, I will keep trying!

  9. I can reach the voting site again, but my votes are still refused. At the moment PSH is ranked 6th with 1,683,975 votes!

  10. Unfortunately, Nanshen shows me the 520 error page again. Please, keep me informed how PSH is doing. In the course of this Saturday the next shift of round 8 will take due! Thank you!

  11. Just begun the next round. Our PSH ranks 8 in this moment. And guess what? I can vote!

    • Thanks for the update Dana! Happy for you that you can vote again. I still don’t have connection with the Nanshen server. Hope tomorrow will be better. At least, I can make a new screen shot then as well as a new post! This last shift will be crucial for our PSH. It is important now to be in the Top 10 for the final battle next week!