The Continuing Popularity of “Neighborhood Hero” Park Si Hoo

As response to the broadcasting of “Neighborhood Hero” in Japan, Korean media released some positive news reports on February 27, 2017. To give an impression of what has been written I made a rough interpretation.

Park Si Hoo

Photo credit: HOO Factory

Park Si Hoo’s comeback drama after three years OCN’s “Neighborhood Hero”, is being broadcasted on the Japanese terrestrial channel TV-Osaka under the title “Unnamed Hero” since February 9 in the morning from 8:55h to 9:55h from Monday to Friday.

In last year’s “Neighborhood Hero” Park Si Hoo played promising secret agent Baek Si Yoon. His other personality was “Shadow of the neighborhood”. Park Si Hoo had received favorable responses. Moreover, after the news that Park Si Hoo appeared in the drama, it had a sales record in being sold abroad for an unusual high amount for a cable drama.

Although the drama is being broadcasted during weekday mornings from Monday to Friday, “Unnamed Hero” attracts attenting because it is getting a great response. Japanese fans are leaving welcoming messages for
Park Si Hoo on social media like Twitter. Such as “Si Hoo is an all-round actor”, “There will be more fans as a great actor with a love drama”, “I started to see “Unnamed Hero”, but Park Si Hoo is cool!”, “I want to hear the news of the new drama quickly”. Park Si Hoo is supported explosively.

In addition, Korean entertainment magazine “Hallyu Pia” ran a voting contest from January 25 to February 14 with the question: “Who do you want to give chocolate with Valentine’s Day”? Voters could choose from the three most popular male characters of “Prosecutor Princess”, “Heirs” and “Doctor Gentle”. Although “Prosecutor Princess” was broadcasted in 2010, its character Seo In Woo won the contest and proved the raising popularity of Park Si Hoo!

In the meantime, Park Si Hoo is concentrating his attention on Japan and China. His Weibo is exceeding 1 million followers. Park Si Hoo is firmly established as the best Korean wave star in Japan and China. The power of Park Si Hoo, who is steadily guarding the position of “Global Star”, loved at home and abroad, is attracting attention.

Park Si Hoo is loved by fans in Asia beyond Korea. He is also making love calls for domestic works. Park Si Hoo, who has been recognized as a “hit maker” by emitting new charms for every piece of work such as “Prosecutor Princess”, “Queen of Reversals”, “The Princess’ Man”, “Cheongdam-dong Alice” and “Neighborhood Hero”, is coming to attention.

A representative of HOO Factory said: “Park Si Hoo is trying to choose the next work with constant self-improvement and mindset not to lose his initials” and “Please, watch Park Si Hoo who is always doing his wholeheartedness to repay the love of his fans”.

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The Continuing Popularity of “Neighborhood Hero” Park Si Hoo — 4 Comments

  1. I’m delighted to read such a praise about PSH and his drama “Local Hero”, released by Korean media , such a popularity he and his drama have in Japan, “being sold abroad for an unusual high amount for a cable drama”. No doubt that his success will continue and his new drama will reveal again his tremendous talent.
    Thank you Willma for your effort in sharing this good news about our “Hero”, PSH.
    Enjoy a nice weekend!

    • You’re welcome Stefi! It’s always good to remember the good news as well!

      Enjoy your weekend too! 🙂

  2. Finally, we get to hear words of praise for PSH and his latest drama and his role in Prosecutor Princess. Thanks for sharing this piece of fabulous news, Wilma.

    • I think everyone realizes the worth of PSH and finally come out to speak openly about it again! 😀