Round 8 – Final Round – Top 10 Asian Male God 2017 (Updated)

Round 8 Top 10 Asian Male God

Round 8 ~ and Final Round ~ of the Top 10 Asian Male God 2017 has started and Park Si Hoo is one of the 15 remaining candidates! At the moment he is ranked 13th, but, of course, we want him to be in the Top 10 at the end of this final round on March 31 at 23:59h.

So let’s give our best for our favorite man Park Si Hoo! Fighting!

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For information on how to vote, please, read this post:

Vote: 2017 Top 10 Asian Male God



Because I saw messages with the date March 11, I checked up with Google translate on the specifications Chrome browser didn’t translate for me.

  • March 11 (23:00h) – the last candidate of the list (15) will drop out
  • March 18 (23:00h) – the last two candidates of the list (14 & 13) will drop out
  • March 25 (23:00h) – the last two candidates of the list (12 & 11) will drop out
  • From March 25 to 31 (23:59h) the Battle of Glory!

So we can’t slack with our votes for Park Si Hoo! Let’s continue to vote diligently!

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Round 8 – Final Round – Top 10 Asian Male God 2017 (Updated) — 4 Comments

  1. Even we have many days until March 31 , the dead line of the competition, everyday is very important to cast votes for PSH as many as possible. I save at least one hour to vote continuously . It’s possible
    Be careful that this time it’s very tough, each competitor trying to win a better place. Now PSH is on the 12th place , but is chased very near by the 13th .
    Now I take a break for half an hour for my eyes to rest, and then I come back for an hour again.
    PLease keep voting PSH to bring him among the 10 Best Asian Male Stars.

    • Thanks for your unwavering support Stefi! I can only vote once every 30 minutes. Otherwise, my vote is denied. I uploaded a wrong Chinese message in the last pop-up box of my first post with explanation and changed that yesterday morning. Still if you can vote continuously, it’s great for PSH!

      I agree with Stefi. Competition is more fierce now. Every candidate is fighting for at least a place in the final Top 10. Only those will benefit from this voting contest. All rankings are very close together, but in round 7 as PSH’s fans we proved we are able to push PSH up to the top 5. So let’s continue with our voting and keep an eye to the progress of this final round!

  2. I’m very upset as, although early in the morning, 5 am, I started to vote PSH, who at that time was on th 10th place.
    But in half an hour , while I was voting , he fall down on the 13th place, due to lack of more votes.
    In this case , if you don’t cast more votes he will be expelled from the competition. And this will be a great desillusionment
    Please keep on voting PSH, to help him remain among the 10 Top Asian Male God, as he deserves this.

    • As you mentioned before, Stefi, competition is more tough now. No one wants to leave his idol at the end of this first shift on March 11. Whenever we have time and/or are able to, we should cast our votes for PSH. If we do so patiently and diligently, we will keep PSH going!