Last Day “Top10 Asian Male God” 2017-03-31

Today is the last day of the “Battle of Glory”! It will be closed on 2017.31.03 at 23:59h.

#박시후 #朴施厚 #parksihoo 投票ファイト!

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I have to accept that I can’t do my share, because Nanshen refuses to grant me access whenever I try, but I’m so happy many fans can vote and voted Park Si Hoo to #3 position about 3 hours ago! As the video will show his ranking is going up and down. So please, continue with voting until the last second!

Miracles do happen with a little help of all of us!

Credit: Instagram@fu_chan0202, thank you! 

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Last Day “Top10 Asian Male God” 2017-03-31 — 9 Comments

    • Thanks Dana. I’ve edited the post after checking out with one of the earliest posts on this subject. I had put the exact dates in there. Then there are only a few more hours to go! -:)

  1. It’s over. Our Park Si Hoo is 4th. Better than last year (I guess he was ranked 8th).

    • Thanks for sharing the final result here Dana! Hopefully, I can access the Nanshen site soon again to make a last screen shot! 😉

      In 2016 Park Si Hoo ranked #10 and in 2015 #4! So this year’s result equals that of 2015! A great accomplisment! 😀

    • Another Top 10 ranking! Our Park Si Hoo is doing very well among all those youngsters, men and women!

  2. It was a fierce competition, and it’s over. PSH being rakned # 4, although almost half of the day, yesterday, he was on the 3rd place. And I was sure he will remain on this place, but just of a sudden, only 5 hours before, #4 surpassed him with only 2 points. And he remained on this place to the end. Dissapointed ? Yes, because PSH deserved a better place, but if I evaluate the competition, although on the 4th , we can say that he is among the 5 Top Asian Male God. And it’s not so bad , as Dana says, in comparison with last year, when he was ranked #8.
    And ,almost “the last” among the first Top 5 Asian Male God,he is not “the least” among the Top 10 Asian Male God. So , a good result.
    I’d like to take it like this:”The spirit, the will to win and the will to exceed are the things that endure. These qualities are more important than the events that occur.” And PSH is a fighter!
    Congratulations PSH!
    Congratulations to all his fans who tried to make the imposible, possible, bringing him from the last place to the 4th!
    Shall we take this result as our birthday present for his 39th celebration? I think , we can.

    • Of course, Stefi, we all strive for highest position for our PSH, but from previous years we already know it will be a fierce battle from the start. Especially, the younger ones have a huge fanbase consisting of mostly younger fans as well. So for me, I am really happy and grateful that thanks to our sisters determination with voting PSH ranked #4 this year! Something to be really proud of. Also because of the extras this result will bring for our PSH!