Headwinds “After Love”

After the news “After Love” had gotten permission to air in China, we were all eagerly waiting for the simultaneous release in Korea, Japan and China.
Sailing is not going smoothly though. “After Love” met with headwinds from Japan. Yesterday was announced both Cinemart Shinjuku and Shinsaibashi in Tokyo will not air “After Love” and refund the advance tickets already bought.

This is a deception for Park Si Hoo and all the fans who were so looking forward to finally watch “After Love”. So now we will have to wait how this will affect screening in Korea and China.

Credit: Twitter@jupimaru1, thank you!

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Headwinds “After Love” — 7 Comments

  1. Such a pity! Such a waste of efforts for the whole team, and for PSH especially.
    In the Greek myth of Pandora, a Titans quarrel disturbed the harmony between gods and men.And for once the men are innocent.

    • Yes, I agree with you, Stefi. It’s a pity for PSH and the whole cast and crew who have been working hard to make this movie happen. Last thing I expected was that Japan would withdraw from screening. They had put in so much effort in promoting the movie!

  2. Hi Wilma & Stefi,
    Here I am again after a short period of silence. Haven’t been well. Oh dear, it’s rather sad to hear about this ‘After Love’ piece of news.
    Poor PSH and the cast plus crew. Something is not right somewhere. I just feel sad for PSH. Hope they can screen the movie elsewhere. I don’t think it’s wise to always depend on the same countries.

    • Hi D Lee. Hope you feel better now!
      Life can be unpredictable. The entertainment world is no exception. A delay may always end up in something betters later on!

  3. My dears, when you heard last time “Good morning”, a greeting said in the most gentle and optimistic mode? Obviously, this morning, very early.
    So be optimistic. The film will be released in the end because, besides artistic reasons, there are economic reasons.

    • Whatever the reasons Dana, no doubt it will balance sooner or later. In case of different languages it is always a bit of guessing what’s really going on, because Google is a terrible translator! I am not pessimistic. I am realistic and just take it the way it is! However, I do feel sorry for all the PSH sisters who are directly confronted with this announcement of refunding the advance tickets!

  4. I am feeling a wee bit better, Wilma. Thank you. Yes, I do feel sorry too for those who have bought the tickets. Even though they will be given a refund, I just can’t imagine the despair they feel for not being able to watch the much anticipated movie.

    Hopefully things will turn out well for PSH in time to come.