[VOTE] Who Do You Want to Give Chocolate with Valentine’s Day?

Hallyu Pia is doing an one time voting contest regarding Valentine’s Day running from January 25 (11:00) to February 15, 2017 (00:00). Whom of the three male heroes would you like to give chocolate to?

You can choose from:

1. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) of “Heirs”
2. Park Hoon (Lee Jung Seok) of “Doctor Gentiles”
3. Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo) of “Prosecutor Princess”

Link to vote: http://ure.pia.co.jp/articles/-/69981

How to vote?

Scroll down the page until you see the options. Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo) is third option. Make your choice and press the red button.

Next screen is to confirm your vote or to go back one screen. Sure you didn’t make a mistake? Then press the red button.

Next screen shows the voting results so far. Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo) is in the lead with 48,44% of the votes!

So which male hero do you want to give chocolate with Valentine’s Day? I cast my vote for Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo), of course!

Happy Voting!

Credit: Hallyu Pia, thank you! 

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