Theme Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Event 2017

The theme has been decided on “Prince of the Flower Country“. The princesses (fans) are welcomed to visit “Flower Country“. Once a year a special day will be spent together in Sihoossi’s hometown. Let’s celebrate our Prince’s birthday!

Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017


Birthday Tour: 2017.4.1 ~ 4.3
Date Event: 2017.04.02
Venue: Lotte Buyeo Resort

Story of the event:

A questionnaire has been conducted to the princesses for carrying out the birthday party! Prince of “Flower Kingdom” Park Si Hoo is busy preparing the birthday celebration for his beloved princesses as the good host he always is!

Program Birthday Event 2017

  • Point 1, Prince Sihoo has prepared a wonderful present for the princesses who come to celebrate his birthday!
  • Point 2, Prince Sihoo will sing a new song especially composed for this day, because the princesses want to hear the sound of his voice!
  • Point 3, Prince Sihoo will shake hands tightly according to the wish of the princesses to hold his hand! At the end Prince Sihoo will embrace the princesses’ hand!
Summary of the Tour points:
  1. Visit to Park Sihoo’s ancestral home
  2. A handwritten welcome card by Park Sihoo
  3. Round table seating
  4. Group photo with Park Sihoo
  5. Special gift to all participants

* Japan Official Fan Club Members and “ENISHI2017” Regular Subscribers participating in the tour 
will be handed over an original photo! *

Link to visit the Birthday Webpage (Japanese only):

Credit: Sihoorang@kei88, thank you!

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Theme Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Event 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. “I grabbed a pile of dust, and holding it up, foolishly asked as for as many birthdays as the grain of dust, I forgot to ask that they be years of youth.”{ Ovid]
    Yes, on PSH’s BD, all will celebrate his 39 years of youth!
    And I imagine what a grand celebration will be , when everyone will express his reverance and appreciation for a great actor, PSH.
    Happy those who will attend his BD celebration.
    I’ll be happy too , although not beeing present there.