[SNS] Is Park Si Hoo Recording His New Song?

Park Si Hoo promised his princesses to present them a new song at his Birthday Celebration coming April 2. Today, February 27, he uploaded two photos – one at Instagram and one at Weibo – showing him practicing in the studio. Obviously, recording his new song. Can’t wait to hear, when it’s ready!

Park Si Hoo_InstagramWeibo
Park Si Hoo_Weibo
Credit: Park Si Hoo Instagram & Weibo, thank you!

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[SNS] Is Park Si Hoo Recording His New Song? — 2 Comments

  1. Is PSH a singer, Wilma? I know that he joined certain K-pop groups in singing, but have never heard of him recording any album.

    By the way, what is Weibo? You always mention Weibo, what is it please?

    • Hi D Lee! Weibo is a Chinese social media like Twitter. PSH has there an account as well.

      PSH sings as well, but mostly at his fan meetings and birthday events. His has had two concerts in Japan. His first one was in Tokyo on 7th May and the second one was on invitation at Tokyo Seaside Festival in Odaiba on 11th September. He had good reviews for both of them. He did release two albums. One in 2012 (Japan) and one in 2015 (Japan). He also sang the OST for his movie “Scent”.

      So PSH is not only an actor, catwalk model and advertizing model, but also a singer. He is skilled in many areas.