Park Si Hoo Publishing Magazine for 5 Years in Row

Various Korean media have reported about Park Si Hoo’s magazine ENISHI.

They mentioned ENISHI is a special magazine of Park Si Hoo released regularly in Japan. Many other Hallyu Stars have released a special magazine, but Park Si Hoo is making a record for going to publish his magazine for 5th year in row!

ENISHI attracts attention because of its colorful concept every season and because of expressing love for the fans. Recently released volume of ENISHI has shoots of Park Si Hoo wearing a leather jacket showing a sharp jaw line, deep eyes, a strong masculine beauty with clear lip lines and adding a faintly drawn smile to his work. Also Park Si Hoo looks very masculine by matching a dandy suit to a clean white shirt, gently staring at someone, showing off his sweet-faced patented candy cotton. In addition, Park Si Hoo was also comfortable with knit, leaning on one side of the wall with a gentle but glanced look which makes people feel excited.

Park Si Hoo strives to show a more perfect picture, because ENISHI is a magazine for fans who always send lots of love. It is said Park Si Hoo did re-shoots with burning enthousiasm until the favorite cut came out.

Moreover, Park Si Hoo proved his popularity in Japan with appearances on the front covers of four famous Japanese magazines such as Hallyu TOP, Hallyu PIA, ENISHI and Mnet HP in June last year. Hallyu Star Park Si Hoo in raising the hungry Hallyu Wave is getting attention.

According to Park Si Hoo’s management, HOO Factory, Park Si Hoo is considering ways to return the love he always received from his fans regardless of his private time. Special camps were held with ENISHI fans in Japan. This year they are also planning to return the fans’ love with this fan service.

Also Park Si Hoo has been making efforts to select the next work after the OCN drama “Neighborhood Hero”. It is expected that he will return to the small screen in the near future through his works which he thought about.

Credit: Daum Media, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Publishing Magazine for 5 Years in Row — 7 Comments

  1. Five years to keep on publishing his magazine ‘ENISHI’ , in Japan, is a huge accomplishment. And it’s obvious that this longevity is due to PSH and his images, one more beautiful than another.And also due to the concept of the magazine, as you underline, and the themes PSH is revealing in each of his editions
    I like your accurate description of some of his photos in this edition and I’m more excited to see them, as soon as the magazine arrives at my address, which Nance was so kind to order for me.
    One thing it’s not clear. You say that:”It is expected that he will return to the theater in the near future through his works, which he thought about.” Does it mean that he will abandon filming dramas and movies for theater? If this is true, this will be blow for his fans, all over the world. I’m afraid that he will loose many of them.

    • You’ll certainly enjoy every single page of ENISHI despite the Japanese language, Stefi. I’m happy for you Nance could do the order. Nance gave me some advices which I was able to follow up and I’m proud of myself I could do the order from home. ๐Ÿ™‚

      About “theater”. I was not sure how to translate this properly from the original as I know in our areas “theater” has nothing to do with cinema or TV. Initially, I thought of small screen as I am sure this is meant. If you are confused already, I have changed “theater” into “small screen” again. Sorry, for having you confused. Although, I think it is not impossible if PSH will extend his public appearances with more stage performances. Especially, in Japan as they are aware of his singing and performing skills already!

      Again, my apologies for having confused you Stefi!

  2. Thanks Wilma. “Theater” in your country, as in mine too, means “stage performace”.And you want to underline that PSH’s “performances on the stage” during his meetings with his fans,may extend in the future.Good for him.
    But I’d like him also more on “the small or big screen” too, with new movies or dramas ,in the future.And I’m very upset that he postpones his announcement of his new drama, so long.
    Have a nice weekend Wilma!Is spring coming in your country? It seems that in my country is approaching step by step. And I’m very happy.

    • I understand that you are upset Stefi, but as the Valentine Event was connected with the new drama announcement, at least, during this event for his fans, I guess we have to wait until mid June. A change in plans when you are waiting for so long already is always hard to endure!

      The snow and freezing has gone, but now we are coping with fog and rain. Some trees are coming into blossom already, but I think Romania will be earlier in Spring than the Netherlands. After all, your Winters are colder and your Summers warmer.

      Have a good weekend Stefi! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wilma I’ll try to keep in mind Moliere’s words:”Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” So,PSH’s new drama coming so slow, will be the best of his dramas . I hope .

    A great weekend to you too !

    • Great words to memorize Stefi! PSH won’t disappoint us with his new drama! Each new drama is always better than the previous ones! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I am eagerly waiting for his new drama. A sageuk one, perhaps? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚