[MV] Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo 2017

In less than 2 months Park Si Hoo will celebrate his 39th Birthday (international counting). I’m not sure which birthday celebration it will be in Korean counting. I asked my friend in Korea to help me out with this!

Today Gabriela notified me she had created a MV for Park Si Hoo’s birthday! It is my pleasure to share this beautiful MV with you. Thank you so much Gabriela!

Credit: dumitru gabriela@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo 2017 — 3 Comments

  1. Better earlier , than later!So, my friend Gabi sent to me too her creation for PSH’s Birthday 2017. I like it very much, as she uses many of his recent photos, goregeous in his maturity, but also some of his early hilarious ones, that make her MV so inspiring.
    Thanks Gabi, your MVs are always wonderful, and I’ve been waiting for so long one,that finaly appeared. Good example for others who can do such a difficult video. Unfortunatelly , I can’t
    Don’t say you are not satisfied with this one, but if you thinks so, just creat another one. I’ll not bother, on the contrary I’ll be happy.

    • If Gabi is a perfectionist like PSH, she will never be fully 100% satisfied Stefi! Well, satisfied or not, I am sure Gabi will continue to create her MVs for PSH. They are always inspiring and I’ll always be happy to share them to more fans for her! Well done Gabi! 😀

  2. Many thanks,Wilma and Stefi.I create the MV for PSH’s birthday a little to soon,because I try to go to work out again,and I wanted to be sure that I can finished the video,until I go.I am not 100% satisfied(as always ,hahaha),but hope to like the video who watch him.Many thanks again,and see you soon.