[IG] Sihoossi Practicing Skiing for Pyeongchang? 2017.02.08

We are spoiled again! A new video from Park Si Hoo. Saying “Go to Pyeongchang”  Haha, Sihoossi is making fun of himself. So funny and he was updating his Instagram instead of having a sound sleep!  Even a man needs his beauty sleep, right? 



Go to 평창?

A video posted by 박시후 (@park_si_hoo_01) on

Credit: park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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[IG] Sihoossi Practicing Skiing for Pyeongchang? 2017.02.08 — 6 Comments

  1. As I remember well, in 2018 there will be the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. As PSH is skiing in Pyeongchang ,is he promoting this ski resort and ski slopes for next olympics? Until then, he enjoys very much skiing there, making fun of his abilities as a skier..
    I like him sharing his happiness , like a child, enjoying the snow, enjoying skiing. But PSH, be cautious when you fall down!

    • Yes, you’re right Stefi. The Dutch sporters are hard working to earn tickets for the various winter olympics disciplines. Especially, our skaters want to go for the gold medals!

      Luckily, PSH has a well trained and flexible body. So he won’t get injured easily.
      I’ve watched that video multiple times. It is very contagious when PSH laughs at himself! 🙂

  2. Hi Wilma! PSH is promoting the resort ski and ski slopes for the next Olympics? Is he taking part in the Olympics as well?

    Winter season in Korea is around the same time as that in England and the States, right?

    • Hi D Lee. I rather think PSH is having a small vacation. It could as well be a preparation for the upcoming drama we are still waiting for. Or maybe he is doing a CF or photo shoot for ski outfits? Anyway, it could be anything, but he likes the skiing. That’s for sure! 😀

  3. You know something, Wilma? With PSH not being involved in dramas ( the last one was Neighbour Hood Hero ), I do worry about him and how he is managing his career.

    He is an actor and that is his vocation. If he is not involved in acting, it’ll be a real waste. I read somewhere about what a remarkable actor he was in the drama Prosecutor Princess. It seemed that he was the second male lead and managed to win the love of the female lead, something rather rare to happen in dramas.

    I have yet to watch Prosecutor Princess.

    • Hi D Lee. No, I don’t know anything yet. PSH has announced himself he is preparing for a new drama. That’s what the Valentine Event was meant for, but has been postponed to June 15. You don’t need to worry about PSH. He is managing his businesses well. It is hardest for his fans to wait patiently until the official announcement is there!