Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!


Park Si Hoo Valentine's Day

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Korea has its own tradition with celebrating Valentine’s Day. In contrary to western countries it is not an catch-all holiday, but a couple’s holiday. On Valentine’s Day the women give chocolate to men as a sign of affection. Traditionally, men who receive these gifts will give a gift in return the following month on White Day (March 14).

If you happen to be on holidays in Korea around this time, you will see large displays set up in front of the shops starting one week before Valentine’s Day to the week after White Day. The focus is mainly on chocolate and chocolate candies like Ferrero Rocher, Twix and Chupa Chups. However, retailers are trying to boost their early season sales of jewelry, sweets, lingerie and other sentimental gifts as well!

What is a Valentine’s Day without a Romantic Valentine Song? Huyeon_salang has created a MV with such a song and lots of photos of our favorite man Park Si Hoo! Enjoy! 

Credit: huyeon_salang@youtube.com, thank you!

Source: Facebook@Seoul, South Korea by Kimchicrew.com

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017! — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma, congratulations for your inspired greeting card for PSH on Valentine’s Day. I like it very much.
    As well as the MV with gorgeous images of PSH , as a token of love, on the lovers’ day, Valentine’s Day.
    His fans are always celelbrating him.

    • Thank you Stefi! Yes, as soon as an opportunity appears lots of creations to cheer on PSH are floating around the internet. The social media are more busy than usual at such a moment! 🙂