Website “Neighborhood Hero” in Japan

“Neighborhood Hero” is having its own website in Japan.

If you use the Chrome browser, you can have the website translated in your native language.

It is full of information about the drama and the DVD-boxes. It is really worth to visit it!

Also following introduction video with Japanese subtitles of “Neighborhood Hero” is on the website! 

Credit: c7fan, thank you!

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Website “Neighborhood Hero” in Japan — 2 Comments

  1. I’m very pleased that “Neighborhood Hero” has its own website in Japan. This should have happened in Korea too. The more this drama is made well-known in other countries too, the better for PSH, because he has a very remarcable, relevant interpretation of the leading role in this drama. I think, the best in a non-romantic drama, that it’s well worth for each one’s time to watch it. These days I’m rewatching the drama and I really enjoy it even more this time.

    • Well, in Korea it was PSH’s comeback drama and not immediately with one of the three big broadcasters. It was according his own wish too. Yes, BSY was very well interpreted by PSH. I still hope there will be a follow-up of this drama. OCN did this before with other dramas like Vampire Prosecutor. The ending didn’t feel like a real ending for me!