Vote: 2017 Top 10 Asian Male God

The Voting Contest 2017 Top 10 Asian Male God started on
November 26, 2016 and is in its 5th Round which will last till February 4 (21:00h).

At the moment Park Si Hoo is competing with 59 other candidates for Round 6 which will consist of 40 candidates.

Schedule Remaining rounds:

  • Round 6: from February 4 to February 18 (21:00h) – 40 candidates
  • Round 7: from February 18 to March 4 (21:00h) – 20 candidates
  • Elimination Round: March 4 to March 31 (23:59h) – 15 candidates

Let’s vote for Park Si Hoo!


Link to vote:

Click the button under his photo to vote. Then you will see a pop-up screen.

After filling in the CAPTCHA and clicking the highlighted blue button another pop-up screen will appear.

Top 10 Asian Male God


When you read this message, your vote has been counted! Click the highlighted blue button to return to the voting page. You can vote again after 30 minutes!

Last year (2016) Park Si Hoo made it into the Top 10 Asian Male God! Let’s do our best to vote him into the Top 10 again! We can do this, right?



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Vote: 2017 Top 10 Asian Male God — 7 Comments

  1. Round 6 started last Saturday and Park Si Hoo is part of the last 40 candidates! At the moment he is in 12th position with 238160 votes! That’s great. Let’s continue to leave our votes everyone! Thank you!

  2. Wilma, this morning I tried to vote for PSH, but I couldn’t find him among the 15 competitors on the site. How can I find him to cast my vote for him to remain among the 20 until February 18 , when round 7 begins?
    Thank you.

  3. Finally I’ve found PSH, on the 2nd page.He is unfortunatelly on the 16th position. But if we continue voting him, he can come back among the first 1o competitors.
    Please vote for PSH!

    • Stefi, I’ll be less behind my PC because of other activities coming days. Just voted for PSH. He is back in 15th position on page one with 825898 votes, but no. 16 is very close behind. So it is important we continue to vote as much as we are able to. Thanks for leaving your messages Stefi!

  4. Park Si Hoo is one of the twenty remaining candidates in 7th round which has just started! This round will last until March 4 (21:00h)! At the end 15 candidates will pass to the final – elimination – round.

    At the moment Park Si Hoo is in 13th position with 7,374 votes! Let’s vote him into the final round on March 4!

  5. Park Si Hoo needs our votes! At the moment he is on 2nd page at 18th position! Remember, only the 15 candidates on 1st page will pass to the elemination round on March 4!

  6. By mere coincidence I discovered I had made a mistake with the last pop-up screen in this post. Now the correct Chinese text is showing when your vote has been counted. My sincere apologies! Keep voting, please! Final round will start soon and currently Park Si Hoo is in 4th position! Thank you!