[VDO] Promotion “Park Sihoo Dramatic Valentine 2017”

A promotion video for the “Park Sihoo Dramatic Valentine 2017” event on
4 February has been released. Of course, Park Si Hoo himself is greeting us. Thanks to the English translation from parksihoossi.com the meaning of “dramatic” is more clear. How could a Valentine be dramatic? In this case “dramatic” refers to drama! We have to wait a little longer, but on

4 February 2017 we will know which drama Park Si Hoo is going to appear in! Yeah, finally, the wait is almost over!

Credit: sihoossi park@youtube.com, thank you!


English transcript and translation:

Hello, Japanese fans. I am Park Sihoo. Finally, the year 2017 has started. Happy New Year and please always stay healthy. I will be meeting you at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on 4 February 2017 for my event “Park Sihoo Dramatic Valentine 2017”. It will be a part of the promotion for the drama which I will appear in in 2017. I am looking forward and excited thinking
about meeting you all. Please come and give me a lot of support and love. See you at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on 4 February 2017.

Transcript original spoken text:

~일본팬 여러분 안녕하세요. 박시후입니다. 근데 여러분 드디어 2017년 새해가

여러분들 새해 복 많이 받으시고 항상 건강하세요. 2017년 제가 출연하게 될 드라마 선 프로모션으로 “박시후 드라마틱 발렌타인 2017”이라는 타이틀로 2월 4일 토요일 도쿄 돔 시티홀에서 여러분들을 찾아 뵙게 되었는데요.
여러분들 만날 생각하니까 굉장히 기대되고 설레기도 합니다.
여러분들 찾아오셔서 많이 오셔서 응원해주시고 사랑해 주세요.
그럼 2월 4일 토요일 도쿄 돔 시티홀에서 만나요~

Source original video: Dramatic Valentine, thank you!

Credit: parksihoossi.com, thank you!

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[VDO] Promotion “Park Sihoo Dramatic Valentine 2017” — 2 Comments

  1. In his message to his Japanese fans PSH asks them:”Please come and give me a lot of support and love.”
    Although I don’t belong to Japanese fans, and I can’t attend PSH’s event in Tokyo, he has my permanent love and support.
    The more Japanese fans will go to meet him and support him, the most successful his show will be and PSH , the happiest actor, realizing how loved and supported he is.
    On the other hand , I’m waiting him to present the new drama in which he will play at the beginning of this year.
    “All good things come to those who can wait>”

    • One of the things which are always amazing me is the great number of fans who are attending PSH’s events. I have no doubt PSH will be shown visible love and support again with his Dramatic Valentine event. Apart from the visible love and support PSH is also getting a lot of invisible love and support from all the fans who are not able to attend his events Stefi! I am really happy the fans who were present share there experiences after or even during the event! Parksihoossi.com is the great example of this! 😉

      It is a count down till the event for the announcement of this wonderful news! Meanwhile, I am also following all casting news, but I think PSH will be the first with his announcement!^^