[VDO] Photoshoot Park Si Hoo & Chen Ran June 2014

This is a video from June 2014 when Park Si Hoo and Chen Ran
(Park Si Hoo’s co-star in the movie “Scent”) did a photoshoot for Life Style Magazine. We know Park Si Hoo mainly from his acting work, and since last year his singing performances, but he started his career as a model. When I came across this video, I thought it would be a good idea to share here and remember another one of his many skills!

Credit: aveline irina@youtube.com, thank you! 

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[VDO] Photoshoot Park Si Hoo & Chen Ran June 2014 — 2 Comments

  1. OMG , Wilma, this video was made in 2014 and now we are in 2017, but still enchants my eyes a lot. Because both of them, PSH and Chen Ran, look wonderful. cheerful, full of life, lively as models. Truth is that I like them , being a lovely couple in “Scent” , not forgetting that PSH, with his gorgeous presence and talent, helped her a lot to improve her artistic qualities.
    Thanks for sharing this video, that will give me an impulse to rewatch “Scent ” again. PSH looked extemelly beautiful in this movie .

    • You’re welcome Stefi! 🙂 I liked PSH a lot too in “Scent”. To me Kang In Joon is the matured Goo Yong Shik! Chen Ran and PSH were a nice couple. Both vulnerable in their own way!

      Happy re-watching Stefi!^^