[VDO] Park Si Hoo: Back in Time

Actually, I was doing some research for another post I have in mind. Then I came across this video. Judging from Park Si Hoo’s haircut I guessed it must have been in 2009/2010. I was in the right direction as the date is shown at the start of the video. Snooping a little for information, I found out it is from Park Si Hoo’s arrival at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Friday November 6, 2009!

Credit: yukichi2525@youtube.com, thank you!

Park Si Hoo held his first Japan Fan Meeting on Saturday

November 7, 2009. I remembered I had saved a video from his dance performance during this fan meeting. So a good moment to share it together with the video from his arrival!

Credit: pshfans的頻道@youtube.com, thank you!

This is how it all started in the early days of Park Si Hoo’s career until today! The ones among us who are following him for a longer period already can confirm the immense growth his performances has gone through.

Now-a-days Park Si Hoo can’t arrive as freely and quietly as he did here. The fans in 2009 had the privilege of being very near him upon arrival. More protection is needed now to have everything run timely and smoothly! After all, Park Si Hoo is our Super Star, isn’t he?

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