[MV] Photo Video up to and including 2011

When scrolling through all the MVs and VDOs I have saved from
Park Si Hoo since I started to follow him, I came across this one.
It is an older MV from 2011 with many, many photos of all Park Si Hoo’s works up to and including 2011. Many will look familiar to long-time fans, but will be a revelation for Park Si Hoo’s newest fans. The accompanied song is “Officially Missing You” by Tamia. A relaxing start of the weekend!

Credit: MultiKimjisun@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Photo Video up to and including 2011 — 9 Comments

  1. Wilma, thanks for sharing this excellent MV with PSH’s images throughtout years. All his photos are gorgeous , and looking at them I don’t know why I remember a song I like so much:”Try to remember”., that in a way can be linked with this MV
    “Try to remember when life was so tender ..
    When you were so tender and callow fellow..
    When love was an ember about to billow..
    Deep in December our hearts should remember and follow, follow..”
    Yes, with this MV, deep in January, our hearts shoulds remember the best moments of PSH’s life ,and we’ll follow,follow..

    • Stefi, I am always amazed how you associate posts with memories which are dear to you and connect them with PSH! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, we should always follow, follow…..

  2. Thanks Wilma. This is due to my long life experience and some of my memories ,I still remember
    Have a nice weekend! Here, after a strong winter storm and snow, to Theodora’s delight, we have -20 degrees C. I admire the view from the inside.

    • Children always like snow! Theodora is no exception Stefi! ๐Ÿ™‚
      This weekend we had a little bit of snow and huge problems because of glazed frost on the rural and highways. It is still not away. Temperatures are a few degrees below or above zero. It was a bit slippery when I did my grocery shopping yesterday, but I didn’t fall.

      Enjoy the winter view from inside and have a beautiful Sunday Stefi! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hi Wilma. Thanks for sharing. It’s a pleasure to see PSH’s photos accompanied by the lovely song. Seems like every photo of PSH is a gorgeous one. He looks better and better as he gets older or rather reaching 40 years of age.
    I think men in general look better when they are older. Possibly it is because of the life experiences they have encountered thus giving them a sort of charisma. When they are in their 20s, they exude the boyish charm but when they reach their late thirties and above, they exude the manly charisma and when they reach their fifties and above, by Jove, they are like seasoned wine! PSH is like that I believe.

    • PSH becomes more gorgeous over the years. In his twenties he really looked so boyish. Past 30 and nearing his 40s he is so matured which makes him more and more gorgeous. Definitely life experiences add to this as well. PSH has often times before compared with a good wine!

  4. Oh yes, what is CF endorsements, Wilma? What does CF stand for? I read that many actors, singers and actresses endorse cosmetics companies etc. I wonder whether PSH is involved in such endorsements. Just curious..

    • CF endorsements stand for advertisements/promotions D Lee.

      PSH is the spokesman for amongst others White Mask and EXODEN. He is involved in skin care advertisements like many others! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thank you, Wilma.Wow, that means apart from his acting and entertaining earnings, he also gets his earnings from these CF endorsements as well!
    Looks like many of these celebrities are pretty loaded then. In many ways, I do feel sorry for these celebrities including PSH. They don’t actually have a life like us. They can’t do anything they fancy without having the paparazzi tailing their every move. They pay a high price for earning so much money, driving fancy cars and living in luxurious houses- their freedom. With the paparazzi lens on them 24/7, what simple pleasures of life can they get?
    Even netizens don’t spare them. It’s tough being a celebrity.