[MV] Let Our Hearts Be Happy & Excited in 2017!

The Year of 2017 is still Young! Let our Hearts be Happy and Excited!
Park Si Hoo we wish 2017 to be your year! You can do it! Fighting!^^

Credit: SARANG SHIN@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Let Our Hearts Be Happy & Excited in 2017! — 4 Comments

  1. Park Si Hoo agrees with you, Wilma. Yes, the year 2017 is still young, so he posted on Insagram, and wished us Happy New Year again!

    • I couldn’t believe Park Si Hoo really posted on his Instagram. He has made my day Dana! Ah, should my post have encouraged him to leave his happy new year greeting, because I wrote that the year is still young? If so, many, many thanks Park Si Hoo! 😀 And if not, many, many thanks too, Park Si Hoo! 😉

  2. Ha..ha..Park Si Hoo has made your day, Wilma! Good for you! That means he does browse through your blog. Am so happy for you as I can see how happy you are through your response above.

    Yes, PSH has been quiet for quite a while. Perhaps he is busy preparing for the Valentine event.

    • Well, he could have browsed this blog, but it could also have been just a coincidence D Lee. 😉 Anyway, I was in a very good mood after his Instagram post!

      I am sure PSH is busy preparing for his Valentine Event. Everything must always be tip top for him. He is such a perfectionist! Whenever a big event lies ahead PSH will be more silent. I know that, but still….