Let’s Increase the Number of Followers of Park Si Hoo’s Instagram!

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Park Si Hoo created his Instagram account shortly before his Tokyo concerts in May 2016. Since then the amount of followers has grown to 9,695! Wow, only 305 followers left from the magical 10,000 milestone!

Would it not be great to help Park Si Hoo to reach the magical 10,000 followers? As a start, of course, he has many, many more fans all over the globe! Instagram is an easy to access platform and the reward will be regular photo and/or video updates with short messages from Park Si Hoo! How cool is that?


So if you not already do, go to Instagram and push the follow button! Spread the news and see the number of followers grow to the magical 10,000! We can do that much for Park Si Hoo, can’t we? Fighting!

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Let’s Increase the Number of Followers of Park Si Hoo’s Instagram! — 4 Comments

  1. Wilma, I have my account on Instagram ,and entering park_si_hoo_01 at this hour, 8,30 my local time, I’ve seen that he has 9,714 followers.
    So does it mean that the number has increased from 9,695 to 9,714?
    I hope that the rest of 286 followers will join PSH’s Instagram very soon.This will represent also our support for him.
    To all PSH’s fans, I join Wilma in urging you to make an account on PSH’s Instagram. It’s very important for him and for us too.
    Have a nice weekend to all of you!

    • Yes, you are right Stefania! I took the screenshot late in the afternoon/early evening yesterday. I shared the top photo separately this morning and minutes ago the counter was on 9,719 followers! Yes, more fans are joining park_si_hoo_01 on Instagram. It’s the weekend and I count on it more fans have time for social media and read the message. Steady and slow we go!

      Ah, welcome on Instagram Stefania! 😀

      Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  2. Hi Wilma. When we sign up for Instagram, which do you think is a better option, email or mobile phone? Can we do it for both? That is signing it up once for the email option and another time using a different username for the mobile phone? Hope to hear from you. Am actually baffled by this techno stuff.

  3. Good afternoon D Lee!

    I did sign up for Instagram using my e-mail address. I don’t know if you can do both as I have only signed up once with my e-mail address. I think it depends on what is more convenient for you.