[IG] Happy New Year~^^ from Park Si Hoo

Park Si Hoo left his Happy New Year~^^ greeting on his Instagram account! I’m so happy! He has been silent for a longer time and I missed his posts so badly! Happy New Year Park Si Hoo! 

Credit: Instagram@park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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[IG] Happy New Year~^^ from Park Si Hoo — 2 Comments

  1. Not ignoring his fans, but being busy, he came with his greeting “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, for them , a bit later . But not too late , and we are all happy to receive his new year greetings any time. “AH, Nothing is too late , till the tired heart shall cease to palpitate .”[H.W.Longfellow] And our heart will never cease to palpitate for PSH’s greetings because they are never too late, or too soon. They are when it is suppopsed to be! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU , PARK SI HOO!

    • Not to forget, for the Korean Seollal is there national New Year according to the moon calendar. They celebrate the solar New Year too, but only for one day and it is not so important as Seollal! Anyway, I was very happy with Park Si Hoo’s New Year’s greeting on InstagramStefi! 😀