Happy Seollal 2017

Every year on second new moon after December/Winter Solstice it is Seollal ~ Korean Lunar New Year. This year second new moon is on
January 28.

Happy Lunar New Year

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Seollal starts with the ancestral rites to honor the memory of the ancestors and wish them good fortune. Then the family will eat tteokguk, a soup made of beef, vegetables, egg and sliced rice cakes. After they have finished their soup, they are one year older in age!

During the day of Seollal relatives visit each other and play games together. Eating food is an important happening. Usually, many are wearing Hanboks, the traditional Korean cloting.

Especially for Seollal “Talk to me in Korean” has created a video about the Royal Hanbok. Hope you enjoy it!

Credit: Talk To Me In Korean@youtube.com, thank you!

Source: publicholidays, thank you!

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