Happy New Year 2017!

In parts of the world the second day of 2017 has already started. I am just a little late with this New Year post. On the other hand, 2017 still has a long way to go!

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Last day of December 2016 a friend from Indonesia shared a poem on her Instagram which I recognized immediately. I didn’t remember precisely from where, but later I was told that it was the poem Jean Thierry Cha/
Cha Seung Jo aka Park Si Hoo had shared on the New Years Party of
Artemis dedicated to Han Se Kyung (Cheongdam-dong Alice). It is a perfect poem to start the New Year with.

A True Travel by Nazim Hikmet

The most magnificent poem hasn’t been written yet
The most beautiful song hasn’t been sung yet
The most glorious day hasn’t been lived yet
The most immense sea hasn’t been pioneered yet
The most prolonged travel hasn’t been done yet.

The immortal dance hasn’t been performed yet
The most shining star hasn’t been discovered yet.

When we don’t know anymore what we are supposed to do
It’s the time when we can do true something
When we don’t know anymore where we are supposed to go
It’s the start when the true travel has just begun. 

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

From the point of view of numerology 2017 is the first year of a new
9-year cycle. Everything started in 2017, every decision made, will multiply throughout the years after. I truly believe Park Si Hoo has prepared well to climb to the top of Korean entertainment to get back the position he is entitled to as a Hallyu star with fans all over the world. So let’s stand by him and continue to support him the best we can!

Finally, I want to share a MV created by Edith from Hungary to celebrate the start of 2017. Enjoy! 

Credit: 78 Led@youtube.com, thank you!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Credit English version poem: Instagram@hrkharis, thank you!

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Happy New Year 2017! — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Wilma, I’m here. Thank you for putting and sharing this beautiful poem in your great blog. Yes, this poem is very appropriate to begin our steps in running the new year 2017. I am always reminded of this poem every turn of the year and feel inspired. Thanks to Jean Thierry Cha / Cha Seung Jo aka Park Si Hoo …. LOL.

    Wishing you and PSH lovers all over the world find happiness, success, and good health in the new year. And specially for our idol, Park Si Hoo, we all hope to get a good news from him soon that he will come back to the small screen / the drama. We all miss him so much….
    Once again thank you Wilma.

    • Thank you hrkharis! Sorry, only know your account name. I remember Hapsari Kharis from PSH4U.

      Yes, this poem impressed me before. Otherwise, I would not have recognized it at all. It is so promising!

      Thanks for your well wishes. Truly wish you a year of great health, wealth and wisdom! The whole PSH sisterhood is waiting for the good news about next drama of PSH. Sometimes he is teasing us so much, but when it will be allowed we will hear the news soonest possible! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Edith, what a moving, exciting MV with PSH , addressed to him for the New Year 2017. And when the video has the accompaniment of Abba’s unforgettable “Happy New Year”, it’s a great delight to watch it.
    Thank you , congratulations, and “Have a Happy New Year”, too.
    Wilma, thanks for sharing your excellent clips with wishes for PSH, and also reminding us the poem of Nazim Hikment “A true travel” ,so emotionlly interpreted by PSH in ‘CDDA”.
    “It’s the start when the true travel has just begun!”

    • Thank you Stefi! ๐Ÿ˜€

      When the start signal is given, soon more happy moments will follow during the true travel!

      Have a good start of 2017 too Stefi! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wilma, you’re right. This poem is indeed very suitable for the beginning of the year, as well as for any beginnings. When I posted on my facebook greetings to friends I thought at this poem and I reviewed that part of the drama. But the translation is not satisfactory. And I did not have patience to find another option. So, I’m glad you had this wonderful idea. Thank you.
    I hope, like you too, to happen in 2017 that professional “boom!”, so much expected by fans and well deserved by Park Si Hoo.
    And again, for you and for all your friends on your blog, Happy New Year! Have, all of you, a blessed year!

    • Thank you Dana! ๐Ÿ™‚ So many fans thinking about and sharing this poem, it must be some kind of omen, don’t you think so? My first thought was: I should share it on this blog too and talked about it with hrkharis.

      I still have that wonderful feeling this year. Haha, I must be patient and not want to run fast though the year while it has just started!

      A blessed year for you as well Dana! ๐Ÿ˜€