Good News Movie “After Love”

It took a long time, but finally, the good news came out!
After Korea and Japan, China has approved as well for public airing of “After Love”! The approval is from October 2016.

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Assuming the approvals are still valid in Korea and Japan, it will not take long before the movie is ready for viewing in the cinemas. As agreed upon before simultanuously in Korea, Japan and China.

Rumors are promotion of the movie will start shortly after Chinese New Year which falls on Saturday January 28, 2017. All fans around the world are looking forward to the screening of “After Love” for two years already. Our patience is being rewarded!

If you have a WeChat account, you can follow the Chinese promoter for updates on “After Love” in China. Add WeChat ID:bjjqss or scan the QR code.

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Good News Movie “After Love” — 5 Comments

  1. Is this a joint China and Korea movie, Wilma? But why does it take two years to get the approval? Is the movie in Korean language or dubbed in Mandarin?
    I think I can only get to watch it online if it’s aired online. Hopefully it will be aired online too.

    • Yes, it is D Lee! Why it took such a long time for approval in China I don’t know either. I’m just happy it came off and the screening in cinemas can start soonest possible in the 3 countries. Actually, it was scheduled last year in Korea and Japan, but they had to postpone.

      I think the original language will remain in Korean, but there will be subtitles in English/Mandarin and Japanese. It depends on the distributor whether or not the DVD can be bought online through sites like and Otherwise, I will only be able to watch online as soon as it is available there. No chance, the movie will be released in The Netherlands. So far, only “Confession of Murder” was available for streaming on home cinema of one of our cinemas for a short time.

  2. Yes, I am eagerly waiting for it too. I guess you also rely on the English subtitles too, right? Unless you’re proficient in the Korean language then there is no need for you to refer to the subtitles. However, after watching Korean dramas for quite some time, I kind of pick up a few words/ phrases here and there.
    Now, we’ll just have to wait for the movie to be streamed online.

    • Although I am learning Korean, I don’t understand fully spoken or written text. My writing and reading abilities are better than my hearing and speaking, but I rely on English subtitles. Slowly I recognize more words in the dramas, but with just a few words you don’t know how to properly use a language.

      I don’t know which one of playing in a drama or a movie is best paid. PSH once told shooting a movie is much more relaxing than shooting a drama though. A drama knows a tighter schedule than a movie.

  3. Park SH initially worked on dramas and now he branches out acting in movies. I noticed that this is a norm for actors and actresses.

    Is there any difference, Wilma? By branching out in movies, does it mean that PSH is better paid?