Valentine Event Park Si Hoo 2017.02.04

This is news hot off the press! Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fan Club has announced that Park Si Hoo will hold a Valentine Event in Tokyo on Saturday February 4, 2017. This event is called “Park Sihoo Dramatic Valentine 2017”.

Event details:

  • Date & time: February 4, 2017
    Performance 1: doors open at 13:00h; start at 14:00h
    Performance 2: doors open at 17:00h; start at 18:00h
  • Venue: Dome City Hall Tokyo
  • Ticket: 11,000 JPY per performance
  • Hosting: Park Sihoo Dramatic Valentine 2017 Executive Committee
  • Cooperation: HOO Factory
  • Inquiries: Park Sihoo Dramatic Valentine 2017 Executive Committee
    Tel: +81-3-3345-1333 (weekdays from 10:00h to 19:00h)

Ticket pre-sale on

FC members:
Wednesday December 28, 2016 (10:00h) to Tuesday January 3, 2017 (23:59h)

ENISHI Readers & Park Sihoo Mobile members:
Saturday January 7, 2017 (10:00h) to 
Tuesday January 10, 2017 (23:59h)
General Public:
Saturday January 14 (10:00h) to Wednesday February 1, 2017 

It is the first time Park Si Hoo will hold a Valentine Event. So exciting! What will he show us this time? For sure it will be a lovable event!

Credit: psh-dramatic2017 & parksihoossi, thank you!

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Valentine Event Park Si Hoo 2017.02.04 — 7 Comments

  1. As happy as I am for PSH to be involved in projects held in Japan, I can’t help feeling sad that he is unable to do the same in Korea.

    My wish for PSH for the new year, 2017 is for him to make a permanent comeback and work with the three big broadcasters and also for him to hold as many events in Korea as well as in other countries.

    • It is only good PSH can hold this kind of events in Japan as his fanbase there is very strong as well. The Japanese fans are supporting him as strongly as his Chinese and Korean fans. When time is right PSH will hold more events in Korea too, because his heart belongs to his homeland! 😀

      A good wish D Lee! It is a wish shared by many! 🙂

  2. I like that he will entertain again his lady fans, from Japan and not only, in his “Park Sihoo Drmatic Valentine 2017” , February 4,2017 in Tokyo-Japan. But I haven’t expected this announcement now, as I have been expecting a good news about his new project for a new drama in 2017. But as this announcement hasn’t come yet,it means the the project is postponed after February 4. If we are lucky! By postponing his new project ,if there is one, it’s not so good for his perception as a Hallyu Star. His status as a well-known gorgeous K. actor is reaching no more the place where he is needed. “Out of sight, out of mind!.” And this makes me sad.

    • Dear Stefi, I understand your sad feelings, but we don’t know what’s going on backstage! Much more may be in the works already we don’t know about yet! So don’t worry, be happy and enjoy all the good news that comes to us piece by piece! 😀

  3. Wilma, thanks for your optimism, and you are right that the mistery is behind the stage. But I see on the voting sites that , step by step, he is loosing the first place.And that makes me sad. On the other and I try to charge myself up with a huge amount of patience.
    Tomorrw is another day!

  4. Aún extraño a Psihoo en los dramas, cuando veo alguno y me viene a la mente lo bueno bien que el haría ese papel. No se como le fue en la premuacion coreana a a Héroe de extraño que nadie sepa porque no se estrena After Love.Para 2017 le deseo lo mejor, buenos dramas y un amor si ya no lo tiene 🙂

    • My sincere apologies I’m just replying now to your comment Beby! Somehow it ended up in the trash bin and when reading your comment, I realized your comment didn’t belong there as you are a Park Si Hoo fan!

      Probably, you already know that “After Love” had to wait for approval to screen in China. It is expected that after Chinese New Year promotion for the movie will start!

      “Neighborhood Hero” is having its first anniversary today! We are all patiently waiting for the news of Park Si Hoo’s next drama!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment! Wish you all the best for 2017 too, Beby! 🙂