[MV] It’s All About Love, Trust and Support

Christmas season is a time of introspection, looking back and then let go. In January 2016 Park Si Hoo returned with the Korean drama “Neighborhood Hero” after a hiatus of 3 years. During these three years Park Si Hoo had worked silently towards his comeback in Korea. Against all odds the sisterhood of Park Si Hoo ~ roughly distinguished in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and international fans ~ never abandoned their love for, trust in and support for Park Si Hoo! Many encouraging MVs were created during that time. I came across one that also shows from how many countries in the world Park Si Hoo’s fans are coming from. Despite the spread of fans the sisterhood has only become more united in showing Park Si Hoo their love, trust and support over the years!

The MV was created by Gaby from Romania. Please, enjoy!

Credit: dumitru gabriela@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] It’s All About Love, Trust and Support — 8 Comments

  1. OMG! It had to pass 3 years to watch Gabi’s MV, she created in 2013. Although I know almost all her MVs dedicated to PSH, which I love enormously ,as Gabi is also my friend, this one I haven’t watched until today. Thanks Wilma for sharing it to us on your blog, as this MW is a strong token of support PSH. And after three years , I’m happy that all Gabi’s wishes, she expressed in her MV, have proved real. With his fans ‘ support, PSH has passed a very unhappy period in his life, has become stronger, more confidend in his talent, more successful. He hasn’t given up to accomplish his dreams, his great dreams. And for that , as Gabi’s MV reveals, his fans will continue to support him and trust him. Thank you Gabi for your wonderful MV.

    • You’re welcome Stefi! I know Gaby’s MVs too, because PSH4U had shared some of them too. When I scrolled to her uploaded MVs and watched this one I thought it should be good to share it. During his unhappy time most things created for PSH’s support didn’t get much views except from his loyal fans who stayed by his side.

      Another thought of mine was by sharing works from PSH’s dark time also may help new fans understand why there is such a strong bond between PSH and his fans! True love doesn’t fade away when life gets hard on you. Instead it will forge a closer and unbreakable bond! πŸ™‚

    • Many thanks too Stefi, for your beautiful words.I am happy that all my wishes for him ,were fulfilled.Wish many good days for him from now on.Merry Christmas !

  2. Wilma, this MV by Gaby is simply awesome! Gaby has created a first class MV of PSH. Yes, indeed we are all for PSH! Our love, admiration and respect for PSH trancend global borders, time zones and even language barriers

    • Many thanks Wilma for sharing my video here.All the best for you and for his fans too ,akways.Not in the end for PSH too.Merry Christmas !

      • You’re welcome Gabriela! I have watched some more from your hand which I might share later, because their messages are still valid!
        Thank you for your best wishes! Have a nice Boxing Day! πŸ™‚