Latest Photos Park Si Hoo on Instagram

On Tuesday and Wednesday photos of Park Si Hoo were uploaded on Instagram by others. Although 3 out of 4 photos have been removed from the original accounts (I didn’t see them anymore) fans have shared them so many times that I am still able to share them here with you! 

Park Si Hoo is known for his cats Jami and Dami, but he grew up with dogs at his parents’ home. So it is no surprise for me, he is still fond of dogs. No idea whether Park Si Hoo was caught with these puppies on leisure time or that it was for an official photo shoot, but he is so cute with them!

The last photo had a reference to Neighborhood Hero and an office. Maybe the office in Neighborhood Hero? I don’t recognize the man together with Park Si Hoo, but it is such a nice photo that I could not let it pass!

Photo credits: Instagram, thank you!


Latest Photos Park Si Hoo on Instagram — 4 Comments

  1. I like the first photo very much. PSH is so adorable. So is the puppy. I find PSH to be very photogenic and I bet he knows it too. Practically, every photo of his, captures his adorable look. I stand corrected. 🙂

    • PSH always says that he is not photogenic at all, D Lee!

      Fans who have met him in person all say that not any photo does justice to PSH as he is much more gorgeous in face-to-face encounters! So compared to the photos we already enjoy, meeting PSH in real life must be really overwhelming and taking your breathe away!

  2. D Lee , I do agree with you. Although he complains that he is not photogenic, he is very, and we see this in all his photos. As his first one, with the little puppy dog, which is indeed adorable. If PSH will become his master , he’ll be very happy in his family.

  3. If I were to meet PSH and if he is much more gorgeous in face-to-face encounters as you, Wilma mentioned, I can bet you that I would be gobsmacked many times over! I would definitely be many times overwhelmed and many times have my breathe taken away till I swoon. 🙂

    And yes, Stefi..I bet the little puppy would be happy to be in PSH’s family. Honestly, I prefer PSH’s photo taken with the puppy rather than with his pet cats. Possibly it’s because I am a dog person thus my liking for his photo taken with the adorable puppy.